Monday, November 14, 2005

Some Explaining To Do

Jimmy Carter went off the deep end some time ago, but his latest op-ed piece suggests that he is still sinking into what must be a bottomless hole.

Fortunately McQ at QandO takes the time to discuss the current departure from reason, so I don't have to.

You have to wonder though, what in heaven's name is wrong with this man? He exemplifies in many ways a decent and caring human being. He believes in God and in right and wrong. And yet, he never misses an opportunity to support and excuse dictators, tyrants, and totalitarian regimes wherever he can find them.

He says he stands for peace, but the policies he advocates make war more likely--by appeasing and actively enabling of those for whom war is a way of life.

He has even been quoted as saying that he didn't think the American Revolution was a necessary war and that our "disagreements" with the British Crown could have been handled in a peaceful manner.

Jimmy Carter is a very very dangerous human being. He is the very worse sort of pacifist; the kind that gives people who truly desire peace an extremely bad taste in their mouth. Because the foundation of his pacifism is a determined and incalculably cruel passivity and tolerance toward genuine evil in all its manifestations.

His is that deluded brand of pacifism that not only does not actually advance the cause of peace; but encourages, advocates, and even legitimizes the very leaders and thugs who are responsible for the oppression and enslavemust of millions of people all around the globe.

It was people like Jimmy Carter who tried to prevent America's entry into WWII; and people like Jimmy Carter who blindly trusted and closed their eyes to the horrors of the Soviet "experiment", and gave the Soviet Union carte blanche to enslave a large portion of the world under a communist yoke. It was people like Jimmy Carter who were willing to believe that utopia was just around the corner then--just before millions died under Stalin and Lenin and the soul was crushed out of a people; and it is people like Jimmy Carter who today foolishly and naiively will believe anything said by any two-bit psychopathic despot anywhere in the world; but steadfastly refuse to believe that America's democratically-elected president might be telling the truth.

It is as if the Jimmy Carters of the world instinctively are attracted to and support with every fiber of their being, those nations, individuals, and policies which interestingly, in reality, represent the exact opposite of the values they are so vocally espouse (you know, things like Peace, Freedom, Human Dignity, Democracy...)

Well, I shouldn't be surprised. I see people all the time who do this sort of thing and manage to screw up their personal lives quite nicely. Without insight or self-awareness; without a willingness to take personal responsibility, or expect it of others; without the integrity to act in the real world to support what you believe--instead of adhering to some absolute ideal world that doesn't exist--you can expect little else but chaos and disaster in your sad, difficult life.

But when this level of cluelessness and passive malevolence is exhibited by prominent ex-presidents; as well as the leaders of a major political party and its hysterical minions--well, its potential destructiveness to the entire nation is enormous.

Someday, Jimmy Carter will meet his Maker, and he will have some serious 'splainin' to do.

UPDATE: Kobayashi Maru has more on the sincerely misguided Carter.

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