Wednesday, November 23, 2005


John Kerry, Thursday, March 20, 2003:

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator John Kerry issued the following statement in response to the commencement of military strikes in Iraq:

“It appears that with the deadline for exile come and gone, Saddam Hussein has chosen to make military force the ultimate weapons inspections enforcement mechanism. If so, the only exit strategy is victory, this is our common mission and the world’s cause. We're in this together. We want to complete the mission while safeguarding our troops, avoiding innocent civilian casualties, disarming Saddam Hussein and engaging the community of nations to rebuild Iraq.” (emphasis mine)

Well, if you feel that way about it, John, I'm with you all the way. (hat tip: The Corner) How could I have thought you were opposed to the war?

And, as long as we are holding people to their word (otherwise we might have to call them liars, and we wouldn't want to do that, would we?), Aaron has some interesting quotes from Democrats with appropriate pictures.

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