Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Diagnosis: Senatitis

Dymphna, besides sharing posting duties over at the Gates of Vienna with Baron Bodissey, also posts at her own blog, The Neighborhood of God. Her latest post is about acute and chronic Senatitis:

The first thing the practiced diagnostician notices about Senatitis is an inflamed ego. Another symptom is the tendency to speak boiler plate, even in the men’s room. The flight from reality differs in velocity depending on how long an individual member of this ‘club’ has been in office, but at its extremes you find Senators naming office buildings after themselves or proposing pork riders to bills already so laden with fat that they’re about to die from obesity.

You will have to read the rest, but Dr. Dymphna thinks a vaccine might work. For the short-term I might suggest a mood stabilizer in combination with a spine-straightening procedure.

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