Saturday, November 26, 2005


Damn the man!

1. Highest stock market in 41/2 years.

2. The UN Security Council issues a statement blaming Hezbollah instead of Israel! Hooray for John Bolton! (hat tip: OBH)

3. The Bosnian quagmire nears an end.

4. The experts' take on the Iraq War.

5. Abu Musab al Zarqawi had a very very bad week --though not as bad as I would have liked.

6. Popular culture in the Arab world is starting to turn against terrorism.

7. Azerbaijan rallies for Democracy and calls on Bush to help.

At the same time, the MSM is always careful to document the perfidy and evil of the Bush administration'(all of the following examples are to be screamed hysterically at the top of one's voice):

1. THE U.S. IS USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS IN IRAQ! (except that it's not)

2. BUSH WAS GOING TO BOMB AL-JAZEERA BUT WAS TACKLED TO THE GROUND BY TONY BLAIR! (Jeez, even I thought it would be nice to bomb al-Jazeera from time to time...all right, almost all the time).

3. DICK CHENEY IS SATAN HIMSELF! WITNESS HIS LONG MARCH TO UNTRAMMELED POWER! (as was said about Zaphod Beeblebrox- "He's just this guy, you know?")

4. ...AND HE SUPPORTS TORTURE! AND PUTTING PUPPIES IN BLENDERS! (no...wait--that was Glenn Reynolds; but Cheney probably told him to)

5. BUSH IS AN INTERGALACTIC WAR MONGER! (I don't need to make a professional comment here, do I?)

6. BUSH KEPT SECRET INFORMATION HIDDEN FROM CONGRESS TO TRICK THEM INTO VOTING FOR THE WAR!(Democrats are either too stupid to think for themselves; or...maybe Bush isn't as stupid as they believe he is???? Or both, of course.)

You know the drill by now. Anything good that happens because of Bush or his administration's policies is kept tightly under wraps (that would be speculation, don't you know?). But any rumor - no matter how bizarre or unlikely; any innuendo or outright lie that could possibly hurt Bush or his administration is widely plastered all over the news media, speculation or not; classified or not.

I won't even get into the question of how all that classified, supposedly top-secret information (e.g., secret recordings/transcriptions; secret briefings etc. etc.) that are exposed so theatrically with the usual histrionic flourish were obtained "leaked".

But I thought special prosecutor Fitzgerald made it perfectly clear that our intelligence agencies depend on this kind of information being kept top secret and that those who willfully and deliberately leak such information are scum.

Unless the leak hurts Bush, apparently.

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