Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Game

In the last week, we have heard about Islamic violence in France, Denmark, Australia (where a large plot was foiled); Indonesia, Jordan; and of course, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Does this not tell us something? Particularly since the leaders of Islam all over the world have been telling us the same thing for a few decades now?

Isn't it reasonable to conclude that they mean what they say?

Or, should we believe what the media and the gurus of political correctness are trying to foist on us? When those fine folk actually even admit that Muslim extremists are behind the barbaric actions the media televise and write about, they must always carefully explain that these attacks; or those murders; or that suicide bombing is a just response to (take your pick) (a) the cruelty and discrimination that Muslims are subjected to (the "Marxist dialectic--i.e., they are being oppressed); (b) the desperate desire to become integrated into other countries' societies (the lack of multicultural acceptance of their beliefs and practices); (c) the occupation of their country by the evil West (the "Freedom-fighter" argument); (d) the taking back of what is rightfully theirs (the "insurgency" argument); (e) the brave actions of those who are hopelessly outnumbered by the evil armies of the U.S. but fight on for their rights (the "Victimhood" defense combined with the "Militant" and "Freedom-fighter" one).

This is a GLOBAL WAR. It is being waged by TERRORISTS who have no particular nation and who seek to unify all nations under an Islamic Caliphate. It is against EVERYONE who does not believe as the terrorists believe, including fellow Muslims who might be inclined to live and let live.

It is not caused by Bush, Cheney, Blair, or Howard's policies. It is not caused by poverty or lack of assimilation. It is not caused by oppression. It is caused by the terrorist's desire to force people through murderous violence and intimidation, to conform to their fanatical religious ideology, and accept a view of the world where Liberty, Justice and Human Dignity play no part.

It is barbarians versus civilization.

Like a chess game, we now see the pieces being moved around the global board. In previous administrations, our King was castled and our Queen was prevented from using her capabilities to engage the enemy-- we played primarily a defensive game. But now we have sent various pawns into the enemies territory, and several have now become Queens and taken up the offense with us. We have seen our own media and the media around the world become the Knights for our enemy and flank some of our forces. And we have eliminated a few Bishops and soon hope to take a Queen.

As long as we continually counter those sometimes confusing moves by the enemy's Knights that create a fog on the battlefield, it is clear that we are slowly winning and wiping major enemy pieces off the board. The advantage is ours, but not if we listen to the enemy MSM Knights.

If we want to win this war, we cannot retreat back to position that is felt to be "safe". That is what France did. That is what Spain did. Their submissive behavior did not stop the onslaught, or appease for long.

We must fully commit to the game and deploy all our assets to win, or we will lose by default.

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