Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Society Imprisoned

Athena has some chilling details about the casual attitude toward honor killings in her latest post from Jordan:

Sally and Malik haven’t been dating for very long and I won’t go into the details of their relationship, but she really did like this guy, and I liked him as well. He seemed very Western, spoke English well, acted respectably, dressed nice, came from an affluent and well-off family. He even lived in Europe for two years and had relationships with girls there.
They went out to eat last night and she brought up the subject of honor killings. Malik nonchalantly said that he would be willing to kill his sister or support his uncle or dad if they killed her if she had sex.
This really upset Sally. They were holding hands and she immediately jerked away. He looked at her quizzically and asked what was wrong. She said she couldn’t be touched by someone whose hands would kill his own sister for doing things that this guy enjoys fairly often with females.
Malik just didn’t get it. He said it was just his culture. Sally said that she can’t be around someone who would kill his own sister, and she asked him what he thought of her, did he even view her as human or was she just some object since she was an American girl?
Malik couldn’t explain himself, indeed it’s a position that cannot be rectified.
These people think they are so free here, but they’re shackled in their own chains. They try to be so Western, so modern, so rich but they are wallowing in their own backwardness.

Athena sounds unnerved (as well she should be) by coming up close and personal with this casual attitude toward the murder of women to restore "honor" (I should mention that "Sally" is her roommate in Jordan). She is beginning to see the entire society she is studying as "imprisoned". The women are literally and figuratively imprisoned behind the veil; and the men are equally incarcerated by their unquestioning acceptance of this cultural insanity.

Be safe, Athena.

Attacks Plummet

This is important: Attacks on Troops Plummet After Fallujah Rout :

Terrorist attacks against U.S. troops and security forces in Iraq have plummeted dramatically in the wake of the Marine assault on Fallujah earlier this month, the Pentagon said Monday. "Military officials report that attacks across all of Iraq have dropped from 130 to 50 per day," Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski told NBC's "Nightly News."

This doesn't sound like a "quagmire" to me. It sounds more like a strategy that is working.

A "Weirdly Vested Interest"

John Podhoretz says the Left has a "weirdly vested interest" in seeing America fail to bring democracy in Iraq and other places around the world. But it is more than that. And it is not "weird"--it's self-preservation.

Consciously or unconsciously, the Left realizes that the tired, old slogans and ideology have grown stale and meaningless before the onslaught of Freedom. How do you keep 'em down on the collective, after they've seen Liberty?

Protest marches for "Peace" that use violence to make their point won't do it anymore. The Truth is out there and anyone with any brains can see it now. For all their claims that they stand for the "oppressed masses", the Left can now be seen to stand in solidarity with the oppressors and murderers. For all their claims to stand for "diversity" and inclusiveness, the Left desires conformity of thought and homogeneity of ideas. For all their Rah-Rah-Rahing on the sanctity of human life, where is their outrage at the indiscriminant slaughter and barbarity of the "insurgents" in Iraq and the religiously-sanctioned homicidal maniacs of Islam?

No, the Left realizes on many levels that the jig is up. That anyone who wants to look can see what they really stand for and have ALWAYS stood for: the enslavement of the human mind and spirit under the dictatorship of a few elites(whether they are the Communists, Socialists, the Animalists, the Jihadists, or some other isthole). Their silence on the true horrors of the world is deafening. Their actions on behalf of true innocents is underwhelming. They are in a final battle to preserve their distorted reality and screwed priorities and will use any means necessary to disguise their real intent. But don't be fooled. Freedom is really on the march in the World and the Left is deathly afraid their treasured ideological positions will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Podhoretz calls it a "weirdly vested interest"--I call it enabling and supporting Evil.

Monday, November 29, 2004

The 10th Brother

Did John Kerry try to shut up one of his "band of brothers"? It seems so. (hat tip: Jim O)

His name is Steve Gardner. He's also known as "The 10th Brother," as in Band of Brothers. He's one of two members of Sen. John Kerry's 12 Vietnam swift boat crew members who refused to stand with Kerry at the Democratic Convention. The other man remained silent.
"They said I had a political agenda. I had no and have no political agenda whatsoever. I saw John Kerry on television saying he was running for the Democratic nomination for president, and I knew I couldn't ever see him as commander in chief -- not after what I saw in Vietnam, not after the lies I heard him tell about what he says he did and what he says others did."

Steve Gardner was threatened, vilified in the press, and lost his job. He has not benefited at all from his stand against Kerry, and says he'd do it again. Read the whole article to find out how the Kerry campaign attempted to silence Gardner.

I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to Gardner and the other Swift Boat Veterans who decided to speak out against John Kerry--not for personal gain, but "for America."

Really Funny

This is very funny and equally makes fun of Bush and Kerry. From Jay Leno and the Tonight Show. Enjoy! (hat tip: Paul S)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Weekly Insanity Roundup

Well, here's my weekly roundup of the insane, the ridiculous, and the unbelievable! If you would like to send me links to articles that meet the minimum criteria of basic insanity, feel free. In return you will receive a grateful hat tip!

1. "Peace" Activists plan violence - talk about cognitive dissonance!

2. These people are sorry in more ways than one. Buth these people are even sorrier (if that's possible).

3. Oh My God! There's No Conspiracy! Bush really won after all!

4. Whether he's "taking a breather" or pushing his film for an oscar, he's still Fahrenheit -459 (Absolute Zero to you non-chemists out there).

5. Clinton's good friends, the Saudis (I wonder if Michael Moore has noted this?)

6. "Balanced" reporting? Embedding with suicide bombers is an explosive idea!

7. Stepping down but unfortunately not out.

8. Sexual abuse on a massive scale. Get thee to an UNnery.

9. CAIR ain't FAIR!

10. A REALLY good cheese sandwich is worth its weight in gold!

11. We hold this insanity to be self-evident.

12. For once, Hollywood ISN'T mouthing off. I wonder why?

13. Well, Duh!

14. The HORROR!

15. Cultural Naiivte is a very nice way of putting it.

The Psychology of Bush Hatred

Some time ago, Charles Krauthammer coined a term "Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)" which he defined as:

"the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency -- nay -- the very existence of George W. Bush."

Krauthammer mainly discussed our homegrown variety of Bush Haters. Since Bush's re-election, Bush Hatred has spread like a biologically deployed weapon of mass destruction, hitting individuals and entire countries, destroying their reason and impairing their cognitive faculties- probably beyond repair.

Take, for example, France. In that country, the citizens as well as their leaders welcomed Yasser Arafat as some sort of folk hero; and even go to the ends of the earth to protect him after death. They also welcomed Robert Mugabe the Zimbabwe dictator, responsible for untold deaths. Yet they have made it clear that President Bush is not welcome in their country, burned him in effigy and insisted he stand trial for "war crimes".

Take Canada. LGF links to an article detailing how the enlightened "Peace Activists" of Canada, cannot rule out violent acts when Bush visits their country in the next week. And these are just a few countries that pretend to be "friends" of the U.S.

So, what is psychologically going on here? Besides the usual Leftist/Socialist/Communist bullshit, of course.

A post by Virginia Postrel some time ago had some interesting thoughts about the psychological origins of Bush Hatred that I think are extremely pertinent:

"When I was in New York a few weeks ago, a friend in the magazine business told me he thinks the ferocious Bush hating that he sees in New York is a way of calming the haters' fears of terrorism. It's not rational, but it's psychologically plausible--blame the cause you can control, at least indirectly through elections, rather than the threats you have no control over. I thought of that insight today when I glanced at Maureen Dowd's column and read this sentence, "Maybe it's because George Bush is relaxing at his ranch down there (again) while Osama is planning a big attack up here (again)."

That is the voice of a petulant child, angry that she has a tummy ache while Daddy is at work or Mommy is visiting a friend, or the voice of a grouchy wife angry that she has a migraine while her husband is out coaching the kids' baseball team. You're upset that you're in pain (we've all been there), so you get mad at someone whose presence wouldn't make the pain any better. No mature student of politics believes the president of the United States goofs off on vacation. It's not the kind of job you escape. George Bush may be completely insane to voluntarily. spend July in Texas--as opposed to Bill Clinton's favored coastal retreats--but Osama bin Laden is no more or less a threat than in Bush were in Washington. But if blaming Bush makes people feel better, safer, or at least able to focus their anger on someone they can hurt, they'll blame Bush. "

It is truly laughable at the number of things that Bush has been blamed for in this world. He is blamed when he does something (anything) and he is blamed when he does nothing. He is blamed for things that ocurred even before he was President, as well as everything that has happened since. What makes Bush Hatred completely insane however, is the almost delusional degree of unremitting belief in Bush's evil; while simultaneously believing that the TRUE representatives of evil in the world are somehow good and decent human beings with the world's intersts at heart.

This psychological defense mechanism is referred to as "displacement". One way you can usually tell that an individual is using displacement is that the emotion being displaced (e.g., anger) is all out of proportion to the reality of the situation. The purpose of displacement is to avoid having to cope with the actual reality. Instead, by using displacement, an individual is able to still experience his or her anger, but it is directed at a less threatening target than the real cause. In this way, the individual does not have to be responsible for the consequences of his/her anger and feels more safe. How else to explain the remarkable and sometimes lunatic appeasement of Islamofascists by so many governments and around the world? (e.g. here)

A very good example of displacement that comes to mind is the plot of an old movie called "The Seven Percent Solution",which is about Sherlock Holmes' intense obsession with Moriarity. In Holmes' mind (distorted somewhat by the use of cocaine) Moriarity is the master criminal who must be stopped at all costs. He is evil incarnate, and the source of all the diabolical events of the world (sound familiar?).

Not until the end of the movie, under hypnosis by Sigmund Freud, do we discover that in truth, Mr. Moriarity was Sherlock's hopelessly mundane math teacher, who happened to be having an affair with Holmes' mother and escaped when Holmes' father murdered her (with the young Sherlock looking on). This event in his youth apparently traumatized Holmes to such an extent, he was eventually driven to using drugs to eradicate it from his memory. And pursuing the mythical genius of crime--instead of holding his father or his mother to account.

I submit to you that this is exactly the same process going on now in the minds of many of the Bush Haters. They want desperately to forget that there is a tidal wave of terror reverberating around the world and to pretend that everything is America and Bush's fault. So what do they do? They lionize terrorists like Arafat. They explain away the horror and brutality of Zarqawi and his followers. They support Palestinian suicide bombings and vote for resolutions agains Israel. They believe that Osama is a reasonable person, but that Bush is not. They threaten violence toward Bush and hold demonstrations; and implement Sharia Law in their country without a qualm. Hundreds of their fellow countrymen are murdered by terrorists, but they demand that their troops be pulled out of Iraq (thinking that if they hadn't cooperated with the evil BushHitler, their countrymen would have been spared).

Rather than blame the terrorists; rather than admiting they have to take action against them; their fear is transformed to anger and displaced onto President Bush. If everything is his fault, then the reality of what happened does not have to be faced (this also explains the intense psychological denial that these same individuals tend to have about 9/11). Bush thus becomes the "criminal mastermind", so devious, so evil, that everything he says is a "lie", everything he does is part of a vast global consipiracy. His family has intimate ties to Bin Laden and the Saudis; He is trying to avenge the insult to his father by getting rid of Saddam; He plans world domination etc. etc. I could go on an on, but you get the point.

What is most funny is that these psychologically naiive individuals simultaneously think of Bush as this criminal mastermind, a genius of evil; and also as a complete moron who isn't capable of uttering a sentence without making a hash of it. The cognitive dissonance required to have all these contradictory beliefs swirling around in one's brain is astonishing. But besides the primary function it serves to erase from consciousness what is happening in the world today, it is serving a secondary purpose--it makes them feel in control of what might come.
They can predict with the complete accuracy of the delusional mind that whatever happens--whatever horror is unleased by Al Qaeda or Hamas or Islamic Jihad--was caused by President Bush's actions/inactions/intentions (take your pick). They can conduct a brave protest march against the evil Bush...but clearly they don't dare protest real terror or terrorist acts. The terrorists are simply poor, misunderstood individuals who have been oppressed by...Bush. Get rid of Bush (or America; or Israel) and voila! Problem solved!

It would be a foolproof defense against the threat, except...except...if it weren't for the fact of incidents like Theo van Gogh's murder, that is. It would be foolproof, except that the REAL horror; the REAL evil will just not go away. The REAL evil just gets bolder and more aggressive. Like the Nazis in the last century, the REAL evil will not be appeased, and is aware of this psychological weakness inherent in their enemies. In fact, they count on it - because by exploiting it is the only way the terrorists can win.

As a psychiatrist I often hope that patients of mine who are in therapy will develop insight and self awareness and begin to take responsibility for their own lives and actions- in other words, I hope that they will grow up someday. I hope the same for the Bush Haters.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Playing A Deep Game

Now, this is an interesting take on the US strategy in the Middle East, and it makes a lot of sense. (hat tip: Professor Bainbridge and Instapundit), Frank Devine in The Australian:

WHY are we in Iraq? It is not, as some ranters claim, because George Bush is stupid and bloodthirsty and John Howard a spineless crawler. Nor is it because the US has regressed to Wilsonian imperialism.

For those seriously interested in the question I recommend a seriously interesting new book, America's Secret War by George Friedman. Friedman is founder of Stratfor, a private, subscription-financed global intelligence service, which I find consistently well-informed. Friedman writes of the struggle in Iraq in relentlessly Realpolitik terms.

Although the US believed Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, the WMDs were ultimately "a cover for a much deeper game". The big game began with the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan and the US enlisting the assistance of Saudi Arabia in backing the Afghan resistance. The Saudis provided financing and guerilla fighters. They influenced other Islamic countries to send guerillas.

You have to read the entire article to find out how the US has successfully stalemated Saudi Arabia's plan to establish a new Caliphate and blocked the jihadists from implementing it using terror as its weapon.

So the US struck [Iraq], with consequences unfolding nightly on our TV screens. Friedman believes the US-jihadist war hangs in the balance. However, the measured actions of the US during the past three years, including its strong military presence in the Middle East, have caused significant moderation of the position on global jihad of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim regimes.
The strategy of the jihadists has stalled: "Not a single regime has fallen to
al-Qa'ida ... There is no rising in the Islamic street. [There has been] complete failure of al-Qa'ida to generate the political response they were seeking ... At this point the US is winning ... The war goes on.

Meanwhile, there are more signs that the US is winning, as the Zarqawi Network Appeals for Help in the First Signals of Defeat:(hat tip: Jim O)

Islamic sources said that for the first time in more than a year the Tawhid and Jihad group led by Al Zarqawi appears to have lost control over many of its insurgents in the Sunni Triangle.

The sources said Iraqi and U.S. assaults on major insurgency strongholds in such cities as Baghdad, Fallujah, Mosul, Ramadi and Samara have resulted in heavy insurgency casualties and a break in the command and control structure.

Over the last few days, Al Zarqawi supporters have appealed for help from Al Qaida and related groups. The sources said Al Qaida's allies, including the Salafist Brigade for Combat and Call, have sought to increase recruitment of Muslim volunteers to fight the coalition.

The Internet has also reflected the growing concern that Islamic insurgents would be routed in Iraq. A message posted on an Islamic website appealed for help from Islamic insurgents in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority.

Taken together, these two articles paint a picture of a strategy that is working in Iraq, and in the Middle East. The Bush Administration is playing a deep game that requires patience, determination, steady leadership, and sacrifice on the part of our professional military. It is a game that we cannot afford to lose--for the sake of our children who will have to pay the consequences if we fail in constraining or eliminating Islamofascism now.

Consumer Spirituality

Current thinking seems to denigrate a lifestyle pursuing wealth, money, and objects rather than spiritual or mental development. This lifestyle is sneeringly referred to as "materialistic".

We are exhorted to "Be A Consumer Hero" by participating in "International No Shopping Day". If we want to save the planet, we are told, we must stop our incessant "buying of things we don't need." Church sermons encourage everyone not to lose sight of the REALLY IMPORTANT things and to reject the materialism of our capitalistic society. Hardly a day goes by--especially during the Christmas season when there is not an editorial, article or impassioned plea for us to stop listening to advertisements that "force" us to buy more and more.

I'm afraid I fail to see the problem. To listen to these people you would think that human beings are entirely spiritual beings, existing in a golden glow of non-material nothingness. You would think that people are not composed of matter and have substance in a 3-dimensional, material world.

Even more importantly, you might begin to get the idea that the highest ideals of society should be to encourage poverty, homelessness, nudity, and hunger. From the perspective of the "spiritualists", malnourished children in societies of mud huts wearing rags and owning nothing- would be the epitome of human existence.

Now, let me qualify. I am not at all opposed to spirituality or mental development; nor am I the sort of materialist who thinks that mental phenomena simply do not exist at all. On the contrary--all the goods and services that our wonderful capitalistic society makes possible would not exist unless there were thinking, rational MINDS creating them. The clothing, toys, electronics, and other material goods that we "don't need" were created by human MINDS, who first imagined them in their thoughts, then found a way to make their thoughts real. When Marxists talk about "controlling the means of production" they are quite simply talking about controlling the human MIND.

The history of humanity has been driven by those individuals who have been able to make the non-material real. This transformation of abstract concepts into material goods; of the spiritual into the actual--has been largely responsible for mankind's evolution from caves to modern cities.

Human thought, human ingenuity, human creativity, human emotion (all non-material and components of "spirituality and mental development", I'm sure you'll agree) are the foundations of the material progress you see all around you in the United States. When those non-material components of human existence are extrapolated to the real world, the results are the goods and services that overflow in abundance in economically free societies.

By appreciating those goods and services, I pay homage to the human mind.
By purchasing those goods and services, I honor human creativity.
By means of materialism --pursuing wealth, money and objects--I happily provide the means by which many humans can benefit from the imagination of one. I contribute to the advancement of humanity from poverty to wealth; from homelessness to shelter; from hunger to satiety. By embracing materialism, I believe I am embracing the the highest human spiritual and mental development.

I love "things" because they are human thought made visible. I enjoy giving "objects" to people I love because they are the concrete expressions of my love.

And when I see all the wonders for sale in the stores--no matter how silly or trivial they may be--I see them as a celebration of the human spirit.


Friday, November 26, 2004

The Council Has Spoken !

WHOOOOOHOOOOO! Here are the winning posts:

Best Council Link:
#1 The Pirates of the U.N. Dr. Sanity

(and I strongly recommend you check out: Arab Media - Shooting in Falluja Mosque over at Terrorism Unveiled which came in #2)

Best Non-Council Link:
#1 Rules of Engagement Citizen Smash - The Indepundit

(and check out
Through a Glass Darkly Belmont Club which came in #2)

All the winners can be found at Watcher of Weasels!

The UNproductive, UNfunctional, UNavailing, UNworkable UN

Oh, and they're pretty useless, too.

From Cox and Forkum Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Over The Top Completely Nuts Totally Insane

OK, folks. Hasn't this kind of insanity gone far enough? How much of the bullshit are we going to put up with? These are PUBLIC SCHOOLS that are doing this. We have entrusted our children's education to COMPLETE MORONS.

This is probably why my daughter knows more about RECYCLING (a special course taught in her school) than she does about AMERICAN HISTORY.


Here in America we have much to be thankful for! I am thankful for my family and my freedom. Have a wonderful day, Everyone!

From the Christian Science Monitor Posted by Hello
Did you know that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be America's symbol, instead of the eagle?
The turkey has many fine qualities and is very fierce. In the photo below, a friend took this picture of a turkey on a recent trip and captured it just before it was going to attack! She survived!

Photo taken by Cooky O Posted by Hello

Kofi Annan Replacement

If we must have a U.N., then I am definitely for this idea!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Blogger's Lot Is Sure A Happy One; Or, Farewell, Dan !

This is my farewell to Dan Rather. What can I say--I love Gilbert and Sullivan!
Sung to the tune of "A Policeman's Lot" from The Pirates of Penzance:

When an anchor's not engaged in his employment
Or furthering his ideologic spin;
His capacity for innocent enjoyment
Is as great as any man in mortal sin.
Our feelings we with difficulty smother,
When there are posting duties to be done.
Taking one consideration with another,
A blogger's lot is sure a happy one!

When there's jounalism duties to be done, to be done
A blogger's lot is sure a happy one!

When CBS's anchor's not a-anchoring;
When reporters are not making up their source;
They always claim to have a hankering
For gossip that is definitely course.
When the editor is finished with his blather;
He loves to go and have himself some fun.
Especially if he is one Dan Rather--
A blogger's lot is sure a happy one!

When there's journalism duties to be done, to be done--
A blogger's lot is sure a happy one!

When Dan Rather shows no sign of where the Truth went,
He nobly bids all anchoring farewell.
When his management and peers have all gone silent--
Except to say that Dan the man's so swell.
When Dan was finally finished with the font size
Of a Kinko's memorandum he'd begun;
That was when the blogsphere took away his big prize--
A blogger's lot is sure a happy one!

When there's journalism duties to be done, to be done--
A blogger's lot is sure a happy one!

All I Want For Christmas....Is A Trip To The Moon!

Jim Oberg, space expert extraordinaire, says that a space tourism trip to the moon is around the corner. Cool! I know what I'm asking for next Christmas!

The Psychopathology of Terrorism - Part II

Part I can be found here.

Part II
The Origins of Psychopathic or Antisocial Personality Disorder

Our understanding of Personality Disorders in general suggests that there are several major underlying causes of these disorders. In general all the factors that impact the personality--genetics, constitution, development, parenting, and culture, --are seamlessly interwoven and it is often difficult to tell where one factor leaves off and the other begins in the normal individual. But when something goes wrong, it is worthwhile to look at these factors and tease out which ones--alone or in combination--may be responsible for the defect. Let's look at each factor in turn.


If it is the genes that are primarily responsible, we see major psychiatric illness such as Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. These specific genetic defects often have signigicant impact on personality. There is considerable discussion in the psychiatric literature about the possibility, for example, that what we refer to as "Borderline Personality" may be a Bipolar variant. Nothing is proven yet, but clearly, biology is a key factor in the developement of personality, including psychopathic personality. As far as the literature is concerned, there are no studies that suggest that Arabs or Middle Easterners are more prone to develop those psychiatric disorders which we know are genetic in origin. But, other biological factors may come into play and they are those biological factors that are dependent on constitution and development.

Constitution /Development

Both constitution and development can lead to the development of personality disorders. The first factor alludes to those non-tangible aspects of character that are the result of the genetic inheritance and not-completely understood factors in the overall function of the brain--not just a specific genetic defect. When something is observed to be broken here, there is usually a history of a physical or physiological trauma -- either in utero (e.g., fetal alcohol syndrome) or later in life (e.g., brain injury). Since I am primarily interested in the psychopathology of terrorism, these factors are not the most important. However, poor health care; poor nutrition; family violence; and culture violence can all contribute to the biological insults that alter personality.

The following two sections make up the core of my argument about the origins of the psychopathology of terrorism. The factors discussed before--genetics, constitution, development--are all important, but there is little evidence that those who live in the Middle East are significantly different from those people in the rest of the world when it comes biological and constitutional factors. In other words, by themselves alone, we would not see a higher incidence of psychopathology in the Middle East than we would in other societies--if it were not for the two factors which follow: Parenting and Culture. I realize this is not a politically correct thing to say these days. But we must face the truth. Islam has created a culture of death, destruction and adherence to evil. Like Christianity a millenium ago, Islam must begin to look at itself in the mirror and ask some hard questions. If entire countries like Afghanistan can be looted and driven back to the middle ages by the application of a religion that embraces intolerance, cruelty, torture, and death--then Islam is not a religion at all; it is a tomb for dead souls.


What a good parent does is hard to remember; and what a bad parent does is hard to forget. As Stone comments: "Those who are reasonably bright, reasonably attractive, reasonably even-tempered and who are raised to be well-mannered and respectful of others by sympathetic and reasonable parents can live almost on automatic pilot, getting along pleasantly with friends and family, often without their having any clear understanding of why they are doing so well...But when we are confronted with abnormalities of personality, we know that something has gone wrong somewhere." Family obviously plays an extremely important role in the development of personality, especially in providing values and role-models. There is an entire dissertation or two in the dysfunctional family of Middle Eastern Muslims, where women are hidden and prevented from being able to be whole persons. What impact does such a system--even in its mildest incarnation--have on the developement of BOTH girls and boys? Under the Taliban, which arguably is the most malignant iteration of Islam's dysfunction, women were actively oppressed and beaten for any attempt to express themselves. Even today, there are actual "debates" about this. Sexuality is an essential part of each of us. The double standards of modesty and behavior encouraged by the current practice of Islam is destructive to the normal development of personality in both males and females (see here and here, for examples of psychopathy-inducing behavior that is the sanctioned model for male treatment of females). Can anyone tell me that these attitudes towards women don't have a profoundly negative impact on the personalities of both the men and women who develop in such environments? Males are encourage to be psychopaths; females to be their victims. (When women seek to "equal" men by blowing themselves up, you know there is some sort of psychopathy at work--as opposed to "gender liberation"). Also, how will a child grow up normally knowing their mother thinks of them in this way.


The factors that that I would like to focus on for the remainder of this discussion on the psychopathology of terrorism are the cultural factors. Along with the Parenting issues mentioned earlier, cultural factors play an extremely strong role in personality formation and can under certain circumstances "stack the cards" against normal develoment even if all other factors are benign. Again, Stone comments:

"Children born into authoritarian, tyrannical regimes are systematically programmed (by teachers or political authorities) to develop habits of thought and behavior at variance with parental and ommon human values. Such programming deforms the personility in any of a number of ways: one will become rigid, or mindlessly obedient, or cruel, or rebellious, or dour and bitter, etc."

We see in studies of people who are from fringe or outcast social groups (such as gangs), that the members of such groups often behave respectfully and honestly toward others within their own group, but treat outsiders as if they were not human, without any sense of wrongdoing.

The ringleaders of such groups are often the the true psychopaths, and these leaders have a seemingly unlimited supply of morally weak or immature individuals (many of them very young)--who embrace antisocial behavior under group pressure.

We also know that in time of war, or social ferment, many formerly respectable, or at least "contained" non-aggressive persons (young men, especially) turn to thuggery--their morality extending only so far as expediency and conformity to the mob or gangster group of which they have become a part. Some will remain antisocial even after the crisis/riot/war passes; the majority revert to outward respectability.

Having already a predisposition because of parenting issues, the culture of Islam "stacks the deck" further by:(1) encouraging the subjugation of women by men by giving it a religious basis. This is nothing new in the history of the world, and it certainly occurred throughout the history of Christianity too. But the idea that women are inferior to men has been challenged for a thousand years, and as women have taken their equal place with men in the countries promoting women's rights, there has been an incredible improvement in those countries' economic and political standings. The culturally sanctioned misogyny of Islam results in the dysfunctional family unit that has tremendous impact on both male and female personality development as noted in the section of this essay on "Parenting".

The Koran says (Sureh 4, Verse 35) that men have authority over women (not just the wife but sisters, daughters, and all females). If they disobey, "first admonish them, then refuse to sleep with them, and then beat them". In Islamic countries, women are second-class citizens. They are counted as one-half a witness in a legal proceeding; and they can inherit only one-half as much as a man. Their sexuality is considered so inflammatory, they must be hidden under clothing that prevents anyone from seeing them. In Saudi Arabia, sons may be sent to foreign universities but daughters are not even allowed to drive. (A recent post at Aaron's Rantblog humorously asks the question how Condi Rice would be received as Secretary of State in Riyadh--it is funny precisely because the "conversation-stoppers" in it are precisely true about Saudi society). Under the Taliban, women were beaten and murdered for showing their ankles. In Iraq today, the terrorists in the Sunni triangle have murdered women for wearing pants, even though they were also wearing a veil.

Now, why are women's rights issue--or rather, the lack of them-- of importance in developing antisocial psychopathology? Well, in the case of Islam, the religion has set-up an ongoing potentially abusive situation in the family; in heterosexual relationships;and in the culture. It breeds sadism, because taking out your frustrations or impotence on the socially-sancti oned "lesser" half of the population teaches an important lesson that all psychopaths have learned: "I am more important and powerful because I can hurt or kill this weak person". Unfortunately, through a process that Anna Freud documents called "Identification with the Aggressor" it also breeds the same sadistic tendency in women, though they have many fewer options in acting it out (female suicide bombers;and mothers who cheer the deaths of their sons and daughters in Allah's cause etc.)

The second factor in Islamic culture that "stacks the deck", encouraging abnormal personality development is : (2) the perpetual war against the infidel inherent in externalization of the concept of " jihad". Those who see "jihad" as an inner struggle do not generally evolve into psychopaths, because one would hope that internalizing the process would foster insight and self-awareness, rather than brutality. But even these "moderate" practitioners of Islam do not stand up and loudly contradict the psychopathic elements in their religion; rather, they invite these elements to come "teach" at their mosques and abdicate leadership roles to them.

Those who are not strong personalities become the disposable fodder that can then act out the psychopaths' scripts for them. They become the stooges--the suicide bombers--who mindlessly carry out their leaders' orders without every once considering that if holiness and sainthood are guaranteed by becoming a human bomb for Allah , then why is it that their leaders are not jumping with joy to grab the opportunity for themselves?

Islam has become toxic, infusing the entire Middle East with a culture inimical to not just the 50% who are female; but equally to the half who are male and consider themselves "superior". Children are raised in a misogynist family and cultural environment and the young boys are thus encouraged to hatred and violence. This has been going on for decades among the Palestinians in particular; but everywhere the jihad mindset has spread it cancerous message.

The educational tenets of this toxic culture, centered in the Saudi Arabian madrassas are exported around the Middle East and the entire globe. Even the most balanced analysis that I read of these schools (here) has this to say about their net result on the students they teach:

Nevertheless, many madrassa students have violent personalities due to long harsh treatment by their teachers. They are politically charged and attached blindly to their respective interpretations of their faith and ideology. They seldom have the capability to analyze developments taking place around them. Although they are not a formal part of any pan-Islamic movement or Muslim Brotherhood campaign, and they are not being trained by bin Laden or anyone else against a superpower for jihad, they have a love bond with Islam and the Islamic ummah, and this can trigger the violent man inside them as they have blind faith and rigid standards. Certainly, then, they are catalysts for jihad because of the influence and education they receive in the madrassas.

Culture is not a neutral participant in personality development. It is an important source of values and as such is one of the most important factors responsible for either encouraging or discouraging the psychopathic traits that were listed in Part I.

Toxic Islamic culture has achieved its pinnacle in the suicide bomber/murderer. And those who willingly follow this cult of death meet many of the criteria discussed Part I for the antisocial personality including:(1) A glib, superficial charm (especially the leaders) (2) A grandiose sense of self-worth; (3) Pathological lying; (4)Manipulative behavior; (5) Lack of remorse or guilt for their behavior; (6) Lack of the usual behavioral controls; (7) Deviant sexual behavior and attitudes (this has repeatedly been reported on in the Arab and Islamic culture and would not be surprising considering the distortion and denigration of females in the society); (8) Jealousy and envy; (9) Sense of entitlement; and (10)A failure to accept responsibility for one's own actions.

A combination of cultural and social factors in Islam encourages the development of the many of traits inherent in the psychopathic or antisocial personality. The predominance of this personality pattern both fosters and feeds on phenomenon of terrorism and provides the cultural underpinnings that support its continuation.

Certainly psychopathy does develop in other settings and cultures. The point of this essay has been to highlight aspects of Islamic culture that contribute significantly to the developement of antisocial personalities. As we have discussed, two of the most prominent aspects are (1) the Islamic ambivalence toward women and sexuality; and (2) the concept of external jihad.

Psychopaths exist within all cultures. What is different in Islam is that the content of its creed has given personal and societal sanction to psychopathy; and within this religious culture murder, torture, intimidation and brutality can be used with impunity. Not only are the adherents safe from censure, they are actually lauded and celebrated as heroes.

The routine societal expression of antisocial and murderous impulses are far better tolerated in the totalitarian regimes that are rampant in the Middle East; but even those regimes are not brutal enough for the religious psychopaths of Islam--hence the abomination of the Taliban--and if there has ever in the history of mankind been a more brutal and thuggish regime, I have not heard about it.

Psychopaths cannot function openly or for long where there is freedom, equality, and the rule of law. That is why terrorists are so desperate to prevent the establisment of democracies and prefer Islamic law which encourages and supports their psychopathy. And, individual thought and creativity; reason and justice; and the pursuit of happiness--all are completely incompatible with the psychopath's agenda.

This essay does not claim that all citizens of Islamic countries; or all practitioners of Islam are antisocial or have severe personality problems. On the contrary, I recognize that there are many fine people of all religions. It is important to remember that religion can either be a force for encouraging the good and noble in humanity, or it can appeal to the worse that is within each human being. The Islamofascist terrorists have made it clear which type of Islam they intend to propagate. Anyone who defends Islam must be clear which kind of religion they are supporting.

In Part III, I will look at the implications for managing the the individual and group psychopathy rampant in Islam.

I Knew It !

Amnesty International thinks that playing the music of Sesame Street and Barney over and over to Iraqi prisoners is a form of torture. All I can say is --thank God someone has finally had the balls to say what needed to be said about this menace! I am still getting over my post-traumatic stress disorder brought about by my daughter's incessant replaying of Barney videos back when she was a toddler--and let me tell you, the emotional pain has been mighty grim. As the strains of "I love you, you love me" dance around in my head, I remember the homicidal and suicidal impulses that regulary gripped me back then and I feel oodles of sympathy for those poor, tortured terrorists.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Conspiracy Theory Anyone?

Care to see who donated most of the money to the new Clinton Library? The full list is here (hat tip: Jonah Goldberg at The Corner), but these are a few of the key players that I found most interesting:

Royal Saudi Family
Dubai Foundation
Embassy of the State of Qatar
Government of Brunei
Soros Foundation
State of Kuwait
Sheik Abdullah S. Abdullah
Nasser Al-Rashid
Abdullah Al Dabbagh
Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw

Sheesh! We're talking $$Millions here...Where is Michael Moore when you need him?

Some Silly Little Communist

Speaking of history (and I was in the last post), today is the 41st anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assasination in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald. This day was one of the great traumas of my life and I remember it vividly and starkly.

Most people don't recall that JFK was the first "Catholic" president (it was made a big deal at the time--I don't even know if there has been a Catholic president since then), and I remember fervently defending him from those at school saying that he would give the Pope power over the US if he were elected. Those were days when some children weren't allowed to play with me because I was Catholic (can you believe it?).

Well, Kennedy was elected, and I was so proud. The day he was murdered was a day of emptiness that I shall never forget. Nor will I forget the days that followed as we watched his funeral on our tiny B&W TV, weeping and feeling that his death was the darkest day in history.

There have been plenty of dark days in history since then...but Kennedy's assasination was the beginning of the end of my youth. "He didn't even have the satisfaction of being killed for civil rights . . . . It's — it had to be some silly little Communist," Jackie Kennedy said, on hearing that a leftist had been arrested for her husband's murder.

I suspect that JFK's horrible death and its aftermath was the beginning of a intense personal journey which slowly but surely taught me to despise the platitudes and endless bullshit that emanates from the left side of the political spectrum. Those "silly little Communists" haven't quite gone away even today. They are still running around creating havoc (see here, for example) and spouting their vile slogans while claiming they are for "world peace" and "cosmic justice" and "freedom". But, like the Islamofascist Jihadis, who have inherited the mantle of that "silly little cause", they are still a culture of death and destruction carried out for the so-called "greater good".

The greatest good would be the defeat of totalitarian evil in all its incarnations--once and for all. Rest in Peace, President Kennedy. We will remember.

Those Who Forget History....

Wretchard's posts are always thought-provoking and inspired, but this time he has outdone himself. Check out "Through A Glass Darkly" for a remarkable discussion of why we should not look to Hollywood to give us our history. Just a sample to whet your appetite:

When people aver that 'Bush is like Hitler', it presumes the speaker has a clear historical knowledge of what Hitler was really like, an assumption which is increasingly invalid.
For one, Hitler would have taken a very dim view of
Jesusland, a country which George Bush is said to be in the process of founding, whose geographic location is to the immediate south of the United States of Canada. Martin Bormann said, "National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable." Hitler, according to Klaus Fischer's Nazi Germany stated that "one day we want to be in a position where only complete idiots stand in the pulpit and preach to old women." In a concession to popular feeling, however, the Nazis offered the public certain acceptable 'faith traditions' including something called "Gottglaubig", a dished-up creed heavily overladen with ancient Germanic pagan beliefs with versions of rituals for birth, marriage and death. "By 1938, carols and nativity plays were were forbidden in the schools, and the words 'Christmas' itself was replaced by the word 'Yuletide'."
Those who point to the shooting of Jihadi in Fallujah by a US Marine as evidence that America is drifting into Nazism would do well to remember that in 1945, American troops who arrived in Dachau were so disgusted by what they saw they executed hundreds of SS guards on the spot. This is a link to remarkable photographs of the incident.

You should read the entire post to get educated (if you weren't already) about what the Nazis were really all about. These days, the facile use of the term "Nazi" to describe any behavior that someone (especially someone on the Left) doesn't like clearly does not appreciate the full horror of what the previous generation had to eradicate; and it often shows an abysmal ignorance of what Hitler's National Socialism tried to do to the world.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it; but those who never knew it to begin with can obviously distort it to suit their needs.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

He Da Man

Here's the story to go with the picture below. Makes you kinda proud.

Bush reaches into the fracas to rescue his Secret Service Agent from Chilean security who were preventing the agent from accompanying the President into a dinner in Santiago. Can you imagine Kerry or practically any other world leader who would do this for a subordinate who was supposed to be protecting him? No, I can't either. Posted by Hello
UPDATE: Wow! There's even more to this story. Check this out. (hat tip: Instapundit)

Weekly Insanity Roundup

Here are--IMHO--some of the most insane, bizarre, and delusionally psychotic tidbits of the week. When the world is this crazy, it's good to be a psychiatrist!

(1) The bizarre tug-of-war over Arafat's medical records (hat tip: Roger Simon)

(2) Demonstrators in Santiago, Chile protesting APEC and America's treatment of Fallujah (hat tip: LGF)

(3) John Kerry blames Osama Bin Laden for his losing the Presidential Election

(4) In Detroti, Professional athletes demonstrate why they are such good role models for children

(5) In Milwaukee, a radio announcer decides that Condoleeza Rice is a terrible role model for blacks and refers to her as "Jemima" (I'm sure he would prefer professional athletes--see above).

(6) President Bush is criticized for picking Cabinet members who (gasp!) agree with his policies.

(7) Bill Clinton's new presidential library opens and is clearly dedicated to displaying the truth of his administration.

(8) Apparently, it's ok for the UN to permit Saddam to embezzle billions of dollars and funnel bribes to UN members and payoffs to terrorists, but it's REALLY upsetting to UN employees that their leadership would punish sexual harassment.

(9) The Arab World is seething (is this an atypical reaction?) over a Marine killing an insurgent in a Fallujah mosque, but have nothing to say about the brutal slaying and mutilation of Margaret Hassan; or the headless and mutilated bodies found in Fallujah killing rooms.

(10) The Jews--who as we all know are responsible for EVERYTHING bad in the world (except when America is)-- are also, it seems, responsible for....anti-semitism! An amazing discovery over at the U.N.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Deja Vu All Over Again

This is a very informative piece by Martin Jacques at the Guardian, which I think explains the decline of the Left very well:

The reason for the collapse of the left could not be clearer - or more fundamental. Its parameters, its confidence, its mode of organisation, its narrative, its very being, depended on the existence of the labour movement. And it is the latter that has effectively disappeared. The trade unions are a shrunken and wizened version of what they were, pushed to the perimeters of political life, while the party itself has, in its New Labour guise, been reconstituted, such that in style, funding and apparat, it looks much like what a modernised Tory party might be. Labour has been shorn of its roots and meaning.

The collapse of the labour movement is not just a British phenomenon, but one shared with much of Europe. There are two underlying reasons for its demise. The first is the loss of agency, the decline of the industrial working class and its consequent erosion as a meaningful and effective political force. It was the working class - in terms of workplace, community, unions and party - that invented and gave expression to the labour movement. The second reason is the collapse of communism. Of course, the mainstream labour movement in this country never subscribed to its tenets, but both the social democratic and communist traditions shared, in different ways, the vision of a better society based on collectivist principles. It is that vision that was buried with the interment of communism. For over a century, European politics was defined by the struggle between capitalism and socialism: suddenly, capitalism became the only show in town, both in Europe and globally. The result was the rapid deconstruction of the left such that it now exists as but a rump of its former self - not just in Britain, or Europe, but everywhere.

Yes, I think he's right on. The Left is collapsing because their ideology (socialism, communism etc. etc. ) is collapsing. There are very few downtrodden masses remaining that the Left can pitch its message to. Through the magic of capitalism, those once downtrodden masses now have a stake in the societies the Left would like to replace. They don't want to listen anymore to how they are victims of oppression; victims of the forces of capitalism; victims of brutal attemps to benefit from their labor. In fact, they don't want to be victims at all.

Even the most mentally and socially retarded can see for themselves that by taking responsibility for their own lives; by OWNING their own lives, you might say, they have seen the enlightenment that freedom brings. They no longer need the Overlords of the Left to tell them what to think and how to behave; they can think and behave for themselves. Isn't that amazing! This new wave of freedom and democray is spreading faster than the Left can reformulate their old bromides to try to bring the new entrepreneurs and capitalists back into the fold of politically correct thinking.

What to do? What to do? Their movement, gasping for air in this new environment of empowerment of the individual is about to go into convulsions from the lack of someone to blame for all the oppression that isn't in the world. And then....and then....as if some Marxist sorcerer had conjured them, theIslamofascist jihadis appeared on the world scene. The Left can breath a deep sigh of relief, because once more they have some "downtrodden masses" to keep down and with their superior intellectual skills--to control. Jacques goes on to say:

The left may have been marginalised - but the imperatives that gave rise to it and which it sought to address are now more glaring and insistent than at any time since the second world war. Inequality, at both a global and national level, has been steadily increasing, an integral product of the neoliberal model of globalisation that has dominated the world order over the last quarter-century. And the consequences of this inequality have played a crucial role in helping to shape the present phase of global politics, namely Arab Muslim grievance, terrorism and American unilateralism.

For those of you wondering why the Left has jumped on the Islamic bandwagon and become pro-Islam; Pro-Palestinian; pro-Saddam; pro-jihadist; anti-American, and anti-freedom-- wonder no more! The Middle East is the next in a long series poor, oppressed masses on which the Left can try to impose its totalitarian/anti-capitalist/victim mindset! We Shall Overcome! It's America's Fault You Are Poor! Freedom is Oppression! Jihadis of the World Unite! 1984 may be 20 years past, but it can be resurrected in spirit of the fatwa; and the mindless enthusiasm of the suicide bomber. Stop Imperialism...wait, I mean Stop Democracy!

Folks, it's deja vu all over again.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Racism, Leftist Style

This is how the Palestinian Authority (you know, the group the Yasser Arafat ran) is portraying Dr. Condoleeza Rice, after she was named as the US Secretary of State, replacing Colin Powell:

From Al-Ayyam, Nov. 18, 2004 Posted by Hello

And this is how a talk show host describes Dr. Rice, whose accomplishments I can't even begin to list here (hat tip: LGF)

After referring to Dr. Rice on the air as an "Aunt Jemima" and Colin Powell as an "Uncle Tom":
"I'm not apologizing for what I said," Sylvester said Thursday in an interview. "I stand by it.
"I was aiming that directly at a black person that is letting himself (and herself) be used by an administration that has been extremely hostile to minorities," he said.
"Being subservient and being a black role model are two different things. I think (Rice) has not only been bad for the country and for national security, but I think she's been a bad black role model.

I'm sure we can all guess who John Sylvester thinks would be a good black role models. Any foul-mouthed, trash-talking, dirtbag who "sticks it to whitey" is good enough for him. But not Dr. Condoleeza Rice, because she is (GASP!!) A REPUBLICAN. And there ain't nothin' worse than that, is there?

Or, how about that racist cartoon from October by Jeff Danziger depicting Dr. Rice as a barefoot Prissy from GWTW?

I have talked about the Left's Rainbow Hypocrisy in earlier posts, but it really, really, really steams me when they vilify someone who is in reality the "quintessential black female role model; brilliant, sharp, ascerbic, courageous, singular, ballsy all the right stuff" (as a commentor on LGF put it, and I couldn't describe her any better!).

How hateful the Left has become. I suppose they once stood for something. When I was in college, I never agreed with their methods, but I did believe in Truth, Justice,Freedom and Equal Opportunity. Things they seemed to be for. Obviously appearances can be deceiving.

What the Left seems to be unable to accept is that their ideology (all that marxist-leninist, socialist, communist crap) was not the path to any of those things. So, rather than abandon that sick, soul-destroying ideology--that resulted in the death and misery of literally millions all over the world, they have chosen to abandon Truth, Justice. Freedom and Equality. And anything or anyone that reminds them of that fact.

No wonder they passionately hate Condoleeza Rice.

The Pirates of the U.N.

I've received a lot of emails requesting that I do a separate post of the Gilbert and Sullivanesque take on the UN Oil For Food Scandal. Glad you like it! So here it is again, with apologies to G&S (and thanks to one of my commenters for suggesting the title!) Sung to the tune of "I am the VeryModel of a Modern Major-General" from the Pirates of Penzance:



I am the very model of a Secretary-General,
I specialize in matters both nefarious and criminal,
I know the heads of every state, preferring those inimical
to all the freedom-loving institutions democratical;
I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters philosophical,
And implementing Marxist theories surely is most practical;
About Oil-for-Food, I'll stonewall anything that's new,
And keep on hiding facts about the way we scammed the lot of you!


And keep on hiding facts about the way we scammed the lot of you!
And keep on hiding facts about the way we scammed the lot of you!
And keep on hiding facts about the way we scammed the lot of you!


I'm very good at making statements quite ridiculous;
Pretending that the money from Saddam was quite miraculous;
In short, in matters both nefarious and criminal,
I am the very model of a Secretary General.


In short, in matters both nefarious and criminal,
He is the very model of a Secretary General!


In fact, when I know what is meant by "integrity" and "honesty",
When I can mumble all my lies with obvious sincerity,
And keep the free world all locked up in its myopathy,
And when I know precisely what they mean by my "psychopathy";
When progress has been made treating antisocial personality,
When I know more of leadership than Kerry knows reality--
In short, when I've a smattering of elemental management,
This Secretary General will say much more than "no comment".


This Secretary General will say much more than "no comment"!
This Secretary General will say much more than "no comment"!
This Secretary General will say much more than "no comment"!


Though my knowledge of dictatorships is sly and somewhat dastardly,
I think I will support them with great joy in this new century;
And still, in matters both nefarious and criminal,
I am the very model of a Secretary General!


But still, in matters both nefarious and criminal,
He is the very model of Secretary General!

Could the "Dear Leader" Be "Dearly Departed"?

Something is going down in North Korea. Roger Simon has had two posts (here and here) indicating that things aren't going well for the "Dear Leader":
  • Public display of disobedience have never been higher
  • Pictures of the "Dear Leader" -which are omnipresent all over N. Korea have been mysteriously taken down
  • a North Korean flyer that is titled "The Ten Great Lies of Kim Father and Son" is making the rounds in North Korea !

Remeber that huge train explosion in April that experts thought might have been an assassination attempt on Kim Jong Il? Maybe there has been a palace coup? Or another attempt that didn't fail this time? Whateve-- it can only be good news for North Korea and the World.

The Council Has Spoken!

Here are the winning entries for Watcher's Council vote for the week:

Condi’s First Meeting As SecState With the Saudis... In Riyadh -Aaron's Rantblog

Watcha Gonna Do -Cold Fury

You can see the full results of the vote here. ENJOY!

"The Biggest Propaganda Machine I've Ever Seen"

An interesting description of how the media in the Middle East are "reporting" the story of the Marine shooting in the Fallujah mosque--from Athena at Terrorism Unveiled. Athena describes al-Jazeera as "the biggest propaganda machine I've ever seen". Read her discription of how al-Jazeera is deliberately manipulating its viewers. Meanwhile, on Arab TV there are people reciting the Koran; Usher and Brittany Spears; and the latest news about Condi Rice. Fascinating stuff. Check it out.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Strange Way to Show Support...

Thomas Sowell makes several excellent points about the "but we support the troops" mantra from the Left:
During the recent election campaign, it has been a liberal mantra that they "support the troops" while opposing the war in Iraq. Just what does supporting the troops mean -- other than just a throwaway line to escape the political consequences of a long history of being anti-military?
It certainly does not mean making the slightest effort to understand the pressures and dangers of combat, so as to avoid the obscenity of sitting in peace and comfort while second-guessing at leisure some life-and-death decisions that had to be made in a split second by men 10,000 miles away.
The latest example is the now widely-publicized incident in which an American Marine in Iraq shot and killed a wounded terrorist in Fallujah. Chris Matthews on Hardball spoke of "what may be the illegal killing of a wounded, unarmed insurgent" -- the politically correct media term for a terrorist -- and asked: "Is there ever a justification for shooting an unarmed enemy?"
The unreality of this question is breath-taking, both logically and historically. How do you know that someone is unarmed, when finding out can cost you your life? A hand grenade is easily concealed and can kill you just as dead as if you were shot by a machine gun or hit by a nuclear missile.
American troops in Iraq have already been killed by booby-trapped bodies. During World War II, wounded Japanese soldiers sometimes waited for an American medical corpsman to come over to help them and then exploded a hand grenade, killing them both.

Sowell goes on to say that:
The rules of war, the Geneva Convention, do not protect soldiers who are not wearing their own country's uniforms. To get the protection of rules, you have to play by the rules.
Terrorists are not enemy soldiers covered by the rules of war. Nor should they be. They observe no rules.

Read the whole piece. I think it is interesting how quickly the media have jumped all over this story. I cannot help feeling that they hope to make this case into another Abu Ghraib with which to demonstrate their own moral superiority. Cox and Forkum appear to agree with me:

The enemy has them in the crosshairs.... Posted by Hello I wonder if being dead and politically correct is better than being alive and politically incorrect?

Meanwhile, as usual, more attention is being given to a soldier killing a terrorist than this. Is it too much to ask that the Media show some balance, she asked rhetorically??

And, by the way--what happened to that CBS inquiry about the forged documents used by Dan Rather? I'll bet they're just investigating away with all their might, don't you think?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


What can you think about a world where Kofi Annan is hailed as a "Peacemaker"? Ben Shapiro rightly takes Annan and the U.N. to task for their criminal and nefarious behavior:

After Arafat died, improving the world through his absence, Annan ordered UN flags lowered to half-staff to commemorate the terrorist leader. “By signing the Oslo accords in 1993 he took a giant step towards the realization of this vision,” Annan said in a statement delivered by a spokesman. “It is tragic that he did not live to see it fulfilled.”

Perhaps Mr. Annan forgot to look up the word “tragic” in his dictionary before writing his statement. Most people would probably consider the genocide in Rwanda, ignored by Kofi Annan, “tragic.” Most people would probably consider the continuing genocide perpetrated by Arab Muslims against black Christians in Sudan, ignored by Kofi Annan, “tragic.” And anyone with a smidgen of morality would consider suicide bombings against civilians in Israel “tragic.” No one but a savage would describe Arafat’s death as “tragic.”

After hailing a mass murderer as a hero, Annan’s UN turned to condemning true heroes: the American troops in Iraq waging a war against murderers and thugs. In particular, the UN is complaining about alleged war crimes committed by US soldiers. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, released a statement: “The High Commissioner considers that all violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law must be investigated and those responsible for breaches -- including deliberate targeting of civilians, indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks, the killing of injured persons and the use of human shields -- must be brought to justice, be they members of the Multinational Force or insurgents.”

Shapiro gets it exactly right. Read the whole article up at Townhall.com.

The world is topsy-turvy. Words no longer retain their original meaning in this brave, new world; freedom is touted as slavery and oppression. Truth as lies. Sniveling sycophantic murderers are hailed as great men, and great men are likened to Hitler. The former are royally welcomed in France; and the latter picketed. And those who countenance--nay, SUPPORT--evil are described as "peace-loving" and "humanitarian".
Gilbert and Sullivan would probably see the humor in it, and with apologies to them:


I am the very model of a Secretary-General,
I specialize in matters both nefarious and criminal,
I know the heads of every state, preferring those inimical
to all the freedom-loving institutions democratical;
I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters philosophical,
And implementing Marxist theories surely is most practical;
About Oil-for-Food, I'll stonewall anything that's new,
And keep on hiding facts about the way we scammed the lot of you!

And keep on hiding facts about the way we scammed the lot of you!

I'm very good at making statements quite ridiculous;
Pretending that the money from Saddam was quite miraculous;
In short, in matters both nefarious and criminal,
I am the very model of a Secretary General.

In short, in matters both nefarious and criminal,
He is the very model of a Secretary General.

In fact, when I know what is meant by "integrity" and "honesty",
When I can mumble all my lies with obvious sincerity,
And keep the free world all locked up in its myopathy,
And when I know precisely what they mean by my "psychopathy",
When progress has been made treating antisocial personality,
When I know more of leadership than Kerry knows reality--
In short, when I've a smattering of elemental management,
This Secretary General will say much more than "no comment".

This Secretary General will say much more than "no comment"!

Though my knowledge of dictatorships is sly and somewhat dastardly,
I think I will support them with great joy in this new century;
And still, in matters both nefarious and criminal,
I am the very model of a Secretary General.

But still, in matters both nefarious and criminal,
He is the very model of Secretary General.

Dr. Sanity Selected for Watcher's Council

HOORAY ! HOORAY ! Dr Sanity has been selected by the Watcher of Weasels to be on the elite Watcher's Council ! This means that weekly you should be seeing links to posts from Council members and non-members that are deemed the Best of the Web! I look forward to being a member of the Council and participating in their deliberations. For your convenience, I have blogrolled the Watcher's Council on the right side of my blog, so be sure to check out the other 12 members' blogs.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

War Crimes

Lorie Byrd makes an interesting point about the Marine now "accused" by the media of killing a (supposedly) unarmed Iraqi insurgent (I am skeptical because these charges are being made before any investigation of the event):

Today I missed the national talk radio shows I regularly listen to, but caught a local NC radio show. The host, Bill LuMaye, compared the recent video of a Marine shooting an apparently wounded, unarmed insurgent to that of an American serviceman 30 years ago shooting a fleeing, wounded young man in Vietnam. That man was so proud of his action that he not only requested a medal for it, but cited it as one of the qualifications for his fitness to serve as commander-in-chief. Maybe if there had been a video of that incident 30 years ago things would have been different.

Of course, the incident requires investigation and possibly discipline of the Marine in question if his actions were in violation of the rules of war. But, if the media can cut John Kerry some slack on this issue (as they have done for 30 years), I think the least they can do is the same until all the facts are in for the Marine in Iraq. Let's wait and see what really happened.

And while we're waiting, how about some reporting on things like this, or this--or are the atrocities commited by the enemy not to be commented on except in passing?

A Nuanced Meaning of "Tolerance"

The Boy Scouts of America must be the most politically incorrect organization of all time. First they are reviled because they don't accept homosexuals as Boy Scout leaders; now the ACLU has prevented the U.S. Military from supporting Boy Scout troops because they require a "belief in God".

I encountered a bit of anti-Boy Scout prejudice here in Ann Arbor a year or so ago, when I went to the nearby elementary school to arrange for my GIRL Scout Troop to meet there. Boy Scout Troops had been banned by the City Council--meaning they were no longer allowed to have their meetings in public schools; nor could they recruit potential Boy Scouts there. All of a sudden, the Principal was suspicious of Girl Scouts.
"Aren't the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts under the same management," he asked me.
"No," I replied. They have been separate since the beginning of the 20th century.
"Well, how do Girl Scouts feel about homosexuals?"
"Ummm, well.. I don't really know. Its never come up."
I knew I was just a few seconds away from being banned also from meeting at the school.
"Well, " he went on, "I'll have to check and see if we can accommodate you this year."

Such conversations, I imagine, went on with relative frequency in Germany in the early years of National Socialism, only substituting the word "Jew" for "Boy Scout". Apparently to take a position contrary to the political correctness of the moment is not acceptable to the Left, and must be crushed at all costs. Currently homosexuals are considered politically correct and any speech that is deemed "intolerant" regarding them -- is verboten. At the same time, all religion--except Islam--is politically incorrect and can therefore be denigrated at will--all in the name of tolerance and diversity. It obviously is a carefully nuanced meaning of the word "tolerant" which I am not familiar with. Only the intellectually elite can apparently understand it.

Now, check this out- Garrison Keillor--a revered spokesman of the Left--had this to say the other day atthe University of Chicago:

“I am a Democrat—it’s no secret. I am a museum-quality Democrat,” Keillor said. “Last night I spent my time crouched in a fetal position, rolling around and moaning in the dark.”
Not one to shy away from speaking his mind, Keillor proposed a solution to what he deemed a fundamental problem with U.S. elections. “I’m trying to organize support for a constitutional amendment to deny voting rights to born-again Christians,” Keillor smirked. “I feel if your citizenship is in Heaven—like a born again Christian’s is—you should give up your citizenship. Sorry, but this is my new cause. If born again Christians are allowed to vote in this country, then why not Canadians?”
(emphasis mine).

Well Garrison, why not organize support for a constitutional amendment to deny voting rights to Jews? What's so special about born-again Christians? All those religious nuts should be banned from voting, don't you think? And while we're at it, lets ban Girl Scouts (too militaristic); Bush supporters (too stupid); and anybody else you don't happen to agree with.

It is all part of the new "uber"tolerance of the Left. Agree with them or .....??? And they think BUSH is Hitler??? LOL

Nut Jobs

The Democrats try to come up with an explanation of why they lost the 2004 election that makes some sense (to them) : (click on image to enlarge)

Cox and Forkum have to be the best editorial cartoonists in the business! Visit their site. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

Chronic Idiocy

The difference between the psychiatric costs of war and the psychiatric costs of chronic idiocy. Lord, grant me patience with morons like the latter.... If you want to understand the psychological defense mechanism this idiot was utilizing, check out hypochondria here (look under Level 2). (hat tip: LGF)

Red Sox Fans Exult !

Here's a great slide show of the World Series. It will make you smile as you watch (stick with it through 3 iterations of the song). As much as I hated the Yankees to lose, I have to admit it was a wonderful day for the Red Sox. So let them exult! (hat tip: Pam S)

The Psychiatric Costs of War

Throughout history war has always resulted in a significant psychological cost to the men (and now women) who are members of the military. The Iraq war is no different. A fairly balanced article in the LA Times looks at some of the psychiatric problems being seen in Iraqi veterans:

A study by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research found that 15.6% of Marines and 17.1% of soldiers surveyed after they returned from Iraq suffered major depression, generalized anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder — a debilitating, sometimes lifelong change in the brain's chemistry that can include flashbacks, sleep disorders, panic attacks, violent outbursts, acute anxiety and emotional numbness....

When you think of psychiatric disorders along a spectrum from "biological" to "psychosocial", there are some people who are biologically resiliant and not subject to psychiatric illness under most "normally" stressful situations. But war is not "normally" stressful. It is stressful like no other situation for a living being. And that is why even the biologically resiliant can develop problems; not to mention those who might be more physiologically prone to depression or anxiety or psychosis.

Combat stress disorders — named and renamed but strikingly alike — have ruined lives following every war in history. Homer's Achilles may have suffered from some form of it. Combat stress was documented in the late 19th century after the Franco-Prussian War. After the Civil War, doctors called the condition "nostalgia," or "soldiers heart." In World War I, soldiers were said to suffer shell shock; in World War II and Korea, combat fatigue or battle fatigue.But it wasn't until 1985 that the American Psychiatric Assn. finally gave a name to the condition that had sent tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans into lives of homelessness, crime or despair.

After WWI, the military got the idea of placing psychiatrists and mental health professionals near to the front line to deal immediately with some of these stress disorders. It seemed to work better and prevent some of the longer-term problems. After the immediate intervention, they were either returned to the front, or sent back for longer treatment. You might remember the 1963 movie "Captain Newman, M.D.", starring Gregory Peck, which was about a military psychiatrist who ran a mental ward during WWII.

During the Korean War, the M.A.S.H. units and military facilities near the front also had psychiatrists attached to them. Nowadays, of course, the pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions are considerably better than they were in the middle of last century. The faster one can intervene with those soldiers at risk, the better--before they can injure themselves or others. Reportedly there have been about 30 suicides by soldiers in Iraq, and this is an indication that there is not sufficient mental health support at the front lines; especially since even one suicide is too many.

Vietnam gave us the term "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" (PTSD), which was originally used to describe the stress syndrome noted in its veterans when they returned home (but which described symptoms that every veteran of every war in history was likely aware of). It was estimated that maybe 30% of Vietnam vets had some symptoms of this disorder, which is now well-described in the literature and also applicable to people in traumatic situations other than war. I have always suspected that PTSD was probably more common in wars like Vietnam, where many of the soldiers were not there voluntarily (due to the military draft); but whether one volunteers or is drafted, there is no doubt that war is hell, and that it dramatically, intensely, and sometimes irrevocably impacts body, mind, and soul.