Friday, November 04, 2005


Cindy Sheehan and Hugo Chavez - A Match Made in Heaven...or Hell

The Jesse-Cindy-Hugo Circle is complete. Now, who was it that was demanding that I "name names" when speaking of "Marxists" and "Leftists" who routinely fan the flames of Marxist "class warfare" and blame the U.S. for every evil in the world?

It's certainly a strange request to somehow prove that there is a "Left" and that the Left has totally merged with radical Marxist ideology and abandoned classical liberal values-- particularly when their leaders are on the news every day championing any anti-American cause they can find. These clowns are everywhere.

Some of those leaders are even in the U.S. Congress.

A few are even hoping to win the Democratic bid to run for the next President of the U.S.

UPDATE: The Left and its marxist/socialist/communist minions are merely one serious illness afflicting humanity at the moment. Another, co-occurring and potentially lethal virus is described by Victor Davis Hanson in his column today.

Meanwhile, Westerners far too rarely publicly denounce radical Islam for its sick, anti-Semitic, anti-female, anti-American, and anti-modernist rhetoric. Just imagine the liberal response if across the globe Christians had beheaded schoolgirls, taken over schoolhouses to kill students, and shot school teachers as we have witnessed radical Muslims doing these past few months.

Instead, Western parlor elites are still arguing over whether there were al Qaedists in Iraq before the removal of Saddam Hussein, whether the suspicion of WMDs was the real reason for war against the Baathists, whether Muslim minorities should be pressured to assimilate into European democratic culture, and whether constitutional governments risk becoming intolerant in their new efforts to infiltrate and disrupt radical Muslim groups in Europe and the United States. Some of this acrimony is understandable, but such in-fighting is still secondary to defeating enemies who have pledged to destroy Western liberal society. At some point this Western cannibalism becomes not so much counterproductive as serving the purposes of those who wish America to call off its struggle against radical Islam.

Most Americans think that our present conflict is not comparable with World War II, in either its nature or magnitude. Perhaps — but they should at least recall the eerie resemblance of our dilemma to the spread of global fascism in the late 1930s.

At first few saw any real connection between the ruthless annexation of Manchuria by Japanese militarists, or Mussolini’s brutal invasion of Ethiopia, or the systematic aggrandizement of Eastern-European territory by Hitler. China was a long way from Abyssinia, itself far from Poland. How could a white-supremacist Nazi have anything in common with a racially-chauvinist Japanese or an Italian fascist proclaiming himself the new imperial Roman?

In response, the League of Nations dithered and imploded (sound familiar?). Rightist American isolationists (they’re back) assured us that fascism abroad was none of our business or that there were conspiracies afoot by Jews to have us do their dirty work. Leftists were only galvanized when Hitler finally turned on Stalin (perhaps we have to wait for Osama to attack Venezuela or Cuba to get the Left involved).

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