Saturday, November 12, 2005


I haven't been paying attention, and an emailer just let me know that I am nominated to be in Aaron's Blogger Deck of Cards. The Hearts suit is reserved for lady bloggers, so go and vote for me here. (I am at least as narcissistic as anyone else!)

I had a variety of psychological reactions to the whole idea:

Denial - Who cares about a stupid popularity contest?
Distortion - In a just and fair world, it would be clearly acknowledged that I am superior in every way to all those other bloggers. A bipartisan senate committee would confirm this to be fact.
Projection/Paranoia - This is clearly an attempt by the capitalist-corporate conspiracy to devalue women and oppress them.
Fantasy - I would make a fabulous Queen of Hearts!
Hypochondriasis - This poll is giving me a headache.
Passive Aggressive - I don't care, it doesn't mean anything to me. Vote for whoever you want. I hate you.
Acting Out - I just sent an angry letter to Aaron telling him what a stupid idea this is.
Intellectualization - This is clearly not a scientific poll.
Repression - What was I talking about?
Reaction Formation - I'll be happy to help count the ballots, but I don't need to be in the blogger deck. Really.
Displacement - President Bush's poll numbers are really down. No one would vote for him.
Dissociation - My name is Pamela from the blog Atlas Shrugs
Sublimation - I going to start a Blogger Gift Exchange Program for Christmas!
Altruism - Go and vote for The Anchoress
Suppression - I'll think about this tomorrow.
Anticipation - Maybe I'll go buy some chocolate to eat-- for when I find out I didn't make it?
Humor - Wouldn't Andrew Sullivan make a great Queen of Hearts?


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