Friday, November 18, 2005


I have been the recipient of a great deal of hate mail lately, particularly because I dare to call the Left out and cast aspersions on their integrity, honor, and patriotism. (It also has to do with the increased traffic on this site after a few links by Instapundit, Power Line and Michelle Malkin--but hey! I'm not complaining!)

Since I don't intend to individually respond to all that lovely hate mail, I thought I would write an all-encompassing post that touches on a few of the key points I would like to make to the emailers in case I wasn't direct enough in the posts they were responding to.

So, let me be perfectly clear. At this point in history the Left's behavior is bereft of any and all integrity; is dishonorable; and, in my opinion, borders on treason.

If you want to know specifically who I am referring to when I use the term the "Left", please turn on your television sets; read your newspapers; and or go and watch the antics of UPJ or ANSWER, Sheehan or others as they parade around and make pseudointellectual speeches at their "antiwar" marches and protests.

Or, just listen to a few of the leading members of the Democratic Party for a few minutes.

How they can possibly imagine that their self-serving rhetoric is for the good of America is beyond me.

Their unconscionable, narcissistic behavior unequivocally endangers American troops; puts Americans all over the world at risk; and enables and encourages a determined and fanatical enemy. It is laughable to claim that they "support the troops" or that they are "patriots" .

How many deaths in Iraq can be laid directly at their door? How many have they killed by deliberatly encouraging the Zarqawis of the world? They simply avert their eyes and blame others.

They don't have the courage to face the consequences of their own rhetoric and their thoughtless and counterproductive behavior. Like anyone in complete and utter denial, they cling desperately to their illusions so they don't have to face reality.

UPJ and ANSWER are communist and socialist fronts that have duped a lot of useful idiots into thinking they are supporting "peace and justice". On the contrary. It is exactly that totalitarian ideology that is responsible for almost all state-sponsored human misery, suffering and death in the last century. If you are aware of these facts, and still support such organizations, then you are not a useful idiot, you are a malignant narcissist and an accessory to mass murder.

As far as the so-called Democratic "leaders" in Congress, if they want to be seen as " supporting the troops," they will do what is necessary to win the war. If they want to see themselves as "patriots", they will work in good faith--sans personal political agenda or self-aggrandizing photo-ops and news conferences-- with the Commander in Chief and military leaders to develop plans that really support the troops in achieving American strategic and tactical objectives in the Middle East. And, of course, bear in mind that you did lose the last election--and if you want to change course in American foreign policy--fine. 2008 is just a few years away.

Having your "integrity" determined by poll numbers is cynical distortion of the word's meaning. Behaving honorably in the past does not give you a free pass to behave dishonorably now.

So, keep that hate mail coming! Calling me vile names and telling me to perform certain biological acts on myself is just further evidence of your side's intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

Have a nice day.

UPDATE: 11/20/05- Looks like I'm not the only female blogger who has had it with the four-letter words that take the place of argument. Only Michelle has it much worse than me -- in addition to being a woman (much more talented than I) she's also a member of a minority group, which means that the Left can reflexly attack her for not following their victimhood prescription and being subservient to their ideology. Whenever you see this sort of behavior (calling Blacks who don't conform to their way of thinking "Uncle Toms"; attacking women who disagree with their positions on women's helpless victimhood, etc. etc.) its important to realize that this is a serious kind of "projection". THEY are the ones who want to keep you in your "proper" place (as they define it) and ascribe their own underlying racism and sexism to you. Its much less intellectually taxing for them that way; and they can maintain their sense of moral superiority.

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