Monday, November 28, 2005

A Few Quick Touch and Go's

Dr. Sanity is going to take off and do a quick flyover the mental health blogsphere, performing a few "touch and go" landing maneuvers. (Besides it gives me the opportunity to use one of my favorite pictures of myself!)

Neo-neocon has a great post up on shame as the motivation behind murderers and terrorists. As a companion piece, I refer you to my own article on "Shame, the Arab Psyche and Islam".

ShrinkWrapped takes on Hollywood, the mediacrats and the war.

Dr. Helen discusses women as predators; while Sigmund, Carl and Alfred goes "behind the veil" to view muslim women.

GM's Corner is justifiably upset with the latest evidence of liberal bias in education.

And, Shrinkette investigates how it all went wrong in Psychiatry, in an interview with Dr. Nancy Andreasen.

If there are other blogs out there with a psychiatric or psychological bent, feel free to use the trackback or comments to let me know and in my next touch and go, I will include you.

UPDATE: How could I forget Gaghdad Bob at One Cosmos! And Sissy Willis at SISU puts on her psychological hat in this excellent post.

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