Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Religion of Hate; The Religion of Child Abuse

You won't believe this. MEMRI has the transcript of an Iranian animated film for children that promotes suicide attacks.

And these disgusting barbarians are outraged at some cartoons that depict Mohammed? According to Islam it is blasphemous to make images of the prophet. But clearly it is perfectly ok to make images that encourage your children to hate the Jews and to blow themselves and other innocents to smithereens.

In a cute little animated film.

Yup. A religion that teaches its children how noble it is to be a human bomb; to kill themselves so they can kill others.

If "peace" is defined as institutionalized hatred; and "love" as religiously sanctioned child abuse, then Islam can certainly be described as a Religion of peace and love.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, I find Rod Dreher's comment at The Corner about the Muslim riots in France very interesting:

I just watched a three-minute report on CNN about the Paris riots that never once mentioned the words "Islam" or "Muslims." It referred to the rioters merely as "ethnic immigrants." You cannot tell me this isn't on purpose.

Well, of course it is on purpose. See if you can come up with what that purpose might be.

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