Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More Threats From the Religion of Peace and Tolerance

From an entertainment news site (hat tip: OBloodyHell)

Islamic Radical Threatens Omar Sharif
Veteran actor Omar Sharif has been threatened with death on an Arab website that often contains messages from al-Qaeda. The Italian news agency Adnkronos International, which closely monitors Arabic media, said that the writer of the message objected to comments made by the actor about his role as St. Peter in a two-part Italian miniseries that aired last week. Sharif, who was born a Christian but converted to Islam when he married an Egyptian film actress in the 1950s, said that after playing Peter, "It will be difficult for me to play other roles from now on." In response, a radical Muslim wrote, "Omar Sharif has stated that he has embraced the crusader idolatry. ... He is a crusader who is offending Islam and Muslims and receiving applause from the Italian people. I give you this advice, brothers, you must kill him."

So, will Hollywood rise off its politically correct ass and condemn this in the strongest possible terms? Inquiring minds want to know.

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