Thursday, November 10, 2005


I agree 100% with Jayson at Polipundit. This is democracy in action and exactly the correct way to resolve contentious issues like intelligent design.

Another community might vote differently, and if they did then that result would be exactly right for them.

Of course, in the event that the vote had gone the other way on intelligent design, a certain side of the political spectrum would have been enraged with the results and viewed it as the end of civilizaiton as we know it. I have no doubt that they would have then gone on to insist that there be a federal law, constitutional amendment, or a judicial ruling to prevent such a horrible outcome from occurring in any community, anywhere. That is their modus operandi, after all. If democracy doesn't work out your way, then you must find a way has to impose your beliefs on everyone against their will.

The Left always accuses the religious Right of doing this, but that is simply a projection. It is not the religious Right's agenda that is constantly being forced down the throats of communities around the country.

It is just possible that if other controversial issues that address deeply held beliefs and moral convictions--and which by their nature are divisive and polarizing because people on both ther Left and Right feel strongly about them-- could be allowed to play out and argued in local communities in the same democratic fashion as this intelligent design issue, we would all be the better for it. Arguments for both sides of such controversial subjects would be aired and one side would not be telling the other what to believe or how to behave.

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