Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"Moral Exhibitionism"

Yes...that is exactly the phrase to describe those intellectual lightweights currently proselytizing about torture. And it likewise can apply to ridiculous position of claiming that the U.S. is using "chemical" weapons in Iraq.

Since the people who make these claims lack any moral compass whatsoever and have only one priority -- to undermine the U.S.--it is grandstanding of ludicrous proportions.

Scratch the surface of a moral exhibitionist, and you will find an opportunistic idealogue who actually believes in nothing and stands for nothing.

It is yet another example of intellectual and moral bankruptcy combined with malignant narcissism.

And make no mistake. Their agenda is definitely malignant.

UPDATE: Tsk. Tsk. More moral grandstanding based on lies, distortion, and just plain ignorance of the facts. Confederate Yankee has the scoop. Could it be that the underlying agenda is to say anything just to "get Bush"? Or how about these outrageous claims, eagerly (and uncritically) picked up by the usual gang of Bush haters. Somewhat more sane (if outraged) commentary here.

I expect to see a headline any minute now that claims President Bush puts little puppies into blenders and drinks them, just like Glenn Reynolds. News at 11:00.

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