Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We Are Approaching A Moment....

Hugh Hewitt comments on the coming showdown with Iran and its not-so-secret-plans to wipe Israel off the map:

On March 7, 1936, "a small token of German troops paraded across the Rhine bridges at dawn...and entered the demiliterized zone," wrote William Shirer in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. "As [General] Jodl testified at Nuremberg, 'Considering the situation we were in, the French covering army could have blown us to pieces.'"

"It could have," concluded Shirer, "and had it, that almost certainly would have been the end of Hitler."

We are approaching such a moment.

All Things Beautiful is also concerned that a confrontation is coming and discusses the metastaticizing cancer of Iran.

...if we do not help Israel stop Iran from going nuclear, it will be the last Chamberalinean move we will get to make.

And finally, Solomon2 thinks that--in addition to the saber-rattling of Iran's president towards Israel--that there is a media war being waged against the Jewish state.

There is no way to predict with any certainty what the future will be. But we cannot passively wait for the reason-impaired president of Iran to see the "light" and hope that he is only joking about his plans for dealing with Israel. A moment is fast approaching when a decision will have to be made about how to deal with Iran--and no matter what the enlightened journalists or members of the Left say, the problem is not Israel.

Israel wants nothing more than to be left in peace by its neighbors. But its neighbors cannot deal with the shame they feel about either the mere presence of a Jewish state in the Middle East, or the incredible economic success of that state compared to their own oppressive economies.

The Palestinian issue could have been solved two decades ago, if the Palestinians wanted it solved; and if the other countries of the Middle East wanted it solved. The truth is that Israel is the only country that desires peace. And they are surrounded by countries that would prefer a different "final solution."

The thought of any of those countries controlled by the "religion of peace" possessing nuclear weapons is absolutely bone-chillingly frightening. Is there anyone who has paid attention for the last 20 years --or even the last few weeks--who could doubt the purpose of those weapons?

Who do you trust? And if you reply that you trust Iran; or the PLO; or the UN; or even the anti-Israeli Media; ---then the moment in which we could change history has already passed yet again; and we might as well proceed to the beginning of the next holocaust.

Because it is coming. And we have been warned.

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