Friday, December 09, 2005


Nutcase that he is, Iran's President has nevertheless given me a great idea! I think that the U.S. should cave in to international pressure and graciously offer the Palestinians not just a state, but an entire planet!

Perhaps Mars or Venus? Or maybe a planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse? Someplace dry and deserty where their population will have the opportunity to explode.

Think of the potential for them to claim their destiny and come closer to Allah!

And since the Chinese are poised to take the lead in the latest space race AND are on the UN Security Council (how convenient is that?)they could be designated as the country in charge of the Palestinian Migration! The Iranian Mullahs could supervise, and we could send them, along with all the useful Palestinian bureaucrats on the first ship to scout out the territory and do all the really important tasks necessary to set up a new society.

The thing is, I seem to remember hearing--or maybe reading?-- about something like this.

Don't worry, it will come to me.

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