Monday, December 12, 2005


Glenn Reynolds with his trademark, "Heh" , captures the growing despair of jihadists around the world.

With Saddam loyalists recognizing that if they don't vote they will be left out of the new democratic Iraq; Zawahiri admitting that AQ is losing it; and the moderates in Bangladesh and Indonesia standing up against the killings---what's a poor Islamofascist to do these days?

Of course, since most of the Democratic Party think this war is unwinninable; that Iraq was a strategic mistake (even as they position themselves to take credit for victory there); and that American soldiers are terrorists--I suppose that Bin Laden et al could turn to them for help and advice.

2006 should be extremely interesting!

UPDATE: And let me add, that as the party of donkeys "tests out" some themes for 2006 and 2008 to see which ones will "resonate" with their base (do they believe in anything except polls anymore?) ; history will simply pass them by. Heh.

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