Thursday, December 15, 2005


In a comment on this post, we can see revealed the true feelings that the Left have toward the professsionals in the U.S. Military services, who have taken on the responsibility of defending freedom for all of us. They normally hide these feelings underneath the cloak of "compassion" and "peace" and general caring about humanity. And, of course, their "bring the troops home" and "not another mother's son" is all a carefully constructed smokescreen to disguise their hatred of all things military. But sometimes, that unfiltered hatred and contempt comes shining through without all the usual trappings of their superior intellect. In response to a comment that suggested that military personnel were proud to serve and that it dishonored them to suggest that their sacrifices were useless or meaningless, this diatribe was posted:
Dishonor the soldiers?

There's an inherent honor in joining an organization that must destroy free will and independent thought in order function properly?

Sorry to disillusion you chumps, but striving to be a drone among thousands of other drones doesn't, by any logic, seem honorable does it? It seems like the the sort of endeavor that would appeal to the insecure and incompetent--Not able to go it on their own in life. Need the group identity and all that... I've known plenty of dedicated soldiers and they do have a tendency toward imbecility.

I was just reminding you that your moronic sentimments about the laughable undertaking in Iraq, and 'supporting our troops,' is actually supporting the sacrificing of these revered (by you) young people for a highly questionable cause.

For myself, I see it as a handy sort of Darwinism. We're overpopulated anyway. But the army is undermanned--I'm sure everyone who responded could come to such terms with local recruitment officers that you all could ship out within a few months and go help spread freedom. What's keeping you? Are you homosexuals? Or just dispensers of bullshit and cowards?

Besides displaying a profound lack of understanding about the military (what else is new for the Left? They don't care enough to even try to understand this particular "culture"--which of course, has no place in their "multicultural" utopian paradise); this is pure, unadulterated and unvarnished prejudice and bias--with obvious overtones of hate and bile. I am sure that all on the Left agree that it must be a sign of serious mental illness.

Without making any diagnosis, however, I can say with absolute certainty that this individual certainly captures the spirit of projection, paranoia and denial that is so pervasive in today's Left and clearly demonstrates the Left's true colors. I once referred to those colors as a "rainbow hypocrisy." The irrational and hysterical prejudice against all aspects of the military is simply another of many examples of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of many on the Left, who sincerely cheer and support people like Tookie Williams and Saddam Hussein even as as they call Arnold Schwarzenegger a murderer and refer to our troops as "terrorists".

In the real spirit of Darwinism, I can only hope that this friendly and compassionate commentor has not managed to reproduce himself/herself. If such is the case, then s/he may continue to live free without any interference from me.

S/he may also continue to dispense bullshit and be all the coward s/he can be.

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