Friday, December 30, 2005

Some Good Things For The New Year

ShrinkWrapped has a round-up of all the things you can do to stay sane in 2006, including his own "Top 10" List. Here are two of them:
4) Decrease the amount of negative input. Cancel the New York Times. They seem to believe their job is to put as negative a spin as possible on every story that has George Bush attached to it and the only way to save this valuable institution is to put pressure on them that they might understand. Remember, even if they are right some of the time, they can't be right all the time. The best way to figure out when they are correct is by comparing their stories with those who disagree; to that end...

5) Read more blogs! My blog roll is a good place to start. As a bonus, check out how the same stories sound on the Daily kos or Atrios or the Democratic Underground; compare and contrast!
Read the rest to ensure a sane new year!

Meanwhile, The Anchoress has a list of predictions for 2006, including this one, which made me fall off my chair laughing:
11) Howard Dean will not be DNC chair by the end of the year. He will be replaced by affable eye candy of some sort, capable of bumper-sticker-speak. John Kerry will make all sorts of noises about running again for the WH, but at the last possible moment, he will declare himself uninterested due to his deep committment to the people of Massachusetts. A quick search through his Beacon Hill garbage will reveal a bloody horse’s head.

Read all 17 of them!

At One Cosmos, Gagdad Bob's alter ego has a terribly mean-spirited and horribly unfair, razor sharp comedy routine that stabs in the heart pokes fun at the left side of the political spectrum. But, they enjoy are used to being victims, so they should survive it.

On a more profound note, Sigmund, Carl and Alfred discuss the battle for your soul and offers a lot of interesting ideas to ponder in the new year.

All of the above should keep you occupied for a while--I'll be back later in the day after I finish a variety of projects that require my undiluted attention!

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