Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Ramzi bin al-Clark, I mean Ramsey Clark is surely either the most misguided fool on the face of the earth; or he long ago was seduced by the dark side of the Force, finding the evil within irresistable and compelling. I am inclined to give more credence to the latter theory, particularly since Clark ONLY seems interested in attaching himself to mass murdering despots or thugs. He has much to answer for (and I am not only referring to his pathetic little organization of the same name).

From an editorial in the Rocky Mountain News:
The son of Tom Clark, a man President Truman appointed first to attorney general and then to the Supreme Court, Ramsey Clark rose far and fast. And so for the past few decades he's been able to devote his legal expertise to defending a rogues' gallery of some of the most notorious mass killers in modern times. Clark is currently in Baghdad - naturally - as a court-appointed adviser to Saddam Hussein's defense team.

The judge chose the right man. Clark is "the war criminal's best friend," as a headline in Salon once explained - a legal expert who has advised genocidal monsters in the Balkans and Rwanda, for example. And guess who rose to defend the PLO from a lawsuit brought by the family of the wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer after he was slain and tossed off a cruise ship in 1986? Exactly.

Even the most despised among us deserve competent defense, but Clark's association with political ogres goes well beyond a mere technical role. He is irresistibly drawn to any "anti-imperialist" opposing the West - Slobodan Milosevic, Fidel Castro, the North Vietnamese - no matter how bloody their hands.

He should feel right at home in Saddam's corner.

In short, Clark is an enabler, supporter, and defender of genocidal maniacs. When recently calling for an impeachment of Bush (that's right, kiddos; this "man of peace" defends Saddam but demands Bush be impeached) said:

We have to take the Constitution back, back from crimes against peace, from war crimes, and crimes against humanity. You know, the Nuremberg tribunal called the war of aggression the supreme international crime, and it is.

Only a man in terminal denial and without a clue to his own culpability as an accomplice in the murders of several hundred thousand people could possibly utter such drivel.

Or someone who delights in deliberate, and vicious evil.

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