Thursday, December 08, 2005


The presents are all bought and wrapped, and I just finished addressing all my Christmas cards. What can I say? I'm a Christmas fanatic and usually have everything done early in December.

We are expecting 7-8 inches of snow this evening, but I'm a happy camper and grateful that I don't have to go out. Although there's a lot to blog about (the craziness never seems to stop), I have taken enough abuse for one day and I'm going to take the evening off and catch up on my reading.

Unless something spectacular and/or brilliant comes to me tonight, I'll be back blogging tomorrow.

In the meantime, visit The Anchoress, Sigmund, Carl & Alfred, Beautiful Atrocities, neo-neocon, ShrinkWrapped , Assistant Village Idiot or any of the other wonderful blogs I have on my sidebar.

Oh, and you might go on over to Roger Simon's and consider his question, "Which side are you on?"

In the meantime, Illegitimi non carborundum . LET IT SNOW!

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