Thursday, December 08, 2005


Is there any sane person who could possibly take the UN seriously anymore? Consider this and this for example.

And, isn't it interesting that the Nobel Prize has evolved into a forum for legitimizing anti-US, anti-Israel harangues, as well as a mouthpiece for the appeasers and enablers of terror. This "noble" committee shares these important duties with certain member states of a completely worthless international body.

It is times like this that I think we desperately need a JRR Tolkien or a CSLewis more than ever (which is why their books have had a resurgence). But instead, we are presented with pathetic nothings like Harold Pinter and Mohamed ElBaradei , both of whom are touted as the new symbols of all that is right and good.

[A brief pause while the echoes of hysterical laughter fade]

But, seriously, Iowahawk and Cox and Forkum have captured the true relevance and spirit of the UN; while Scott Ott has the most realistic take on the Nobel situation.

UPDATE: More evidence (if you needed it) on how despicable the UN has become. (Hat tip: The Corner)

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