Sunday, December 18, 2005


The Iraqi elections last Thursday--which may well be considered the greatestAmerican foreign policy achievement in the last 10-12 years since the collapse of the USSR; vindicated in every way possible the difficult choices made by President Bush since September 11, 2001. Remarkably, they also highlighted the effectivenesss of this administration --despite much work which still needs to be done--in protecting America from another major terrorist attack.

Since that triumphant event a few short days ago, the American public has been subjected to the following:

- DENIAL - by the MSM and key Democrats about the significance of the Iraqi elections. When they were not ignoring it completely, the achievement was couched in the typical "Yes, but...." terms used by the self-destructive passive aggressive to undermine anything positive and accentuate everything negative.

- PARANOIA, DISTORTION with overtones of HYSTERIA : as extreme and completely unjustified accusations of "abuse of power" by the President --except of course, that the pissant Congress (including the Democrats) knew full well what was happening all along since they had been briefed on it from the beginning almost 4 years ago. AND they concurred. AND they knew it was well within the law and fully applicable to the war situation. Nevertheless, this did not prevent the Dems from jumping on the paranoid bandwagon and suggesting that we are imminently under a threat of a "police state".

- ACTING OUT BEHAVIOR : as a news organization that once, many years ago used to be the most respected in the media; deliberately and with malice aforethought completely disregard the national security interests of this country during a time of war in order to promote a book by one of their own. This is usually called high treason. and as rogue intelligence service deliberately seeks to undermine the executive branch of government by "leaking" classified information on supposedly "secret" detention centers (except that all the host countries knew full well about them, as did the Europeans who are "shocked, shocked".)

- PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR - as Dems launch the threat of a filibuster on the Patriot Act; thus resulting in no vote to extend its provisions. Rational people can argue about some of the provisions in this, but to eliminate it altogether is the act of a willful child, who wants to have his cake (security and protection from terrorism) and eat it too (thus making it easy for terrorists to operate freely in this country). The Republicans are even more to blame on this one.

- FANTASY: as the whole concept of torture is redifined and "compassionately" dumbed down in the middle of a war, when our enemy is the most violent, barbaric and fanatically uncivilized entity; having signed no international agreements and recognizing no limits to their own depraved and murderous behavior.

All of this has occurred within the last week. All of this DEMented behavior when we should be celebrating a great victory over the Islamofascist enemy and an triumph of the human spirit that was not believed possible a few short years ago. I will leave it to you to make your own conclusions about the motivations behind such incredibly destructive hysteria.

I feel like I am in the middle of some alternate universe, where the good is always made out to be bad; where distortion and paranoia rule; and where evil effortlessly triumphs.

In The Simpsons it is usually humorous as the aging, but still malevolent Mr. Burns turns toward Smithers and gleefully yells, "Release the hounds!" whenever some poor, unsuspecting individual upsets him. But in the cartoon, noone is ever really injured and even Mr. Burns' worse behavior always comes to naught.

The Left has indeed released the hounds; and they are wringing their hands with glee at all the destructiveness and rage that has been unleashed.

But, somehow, I can't bring myself to laugh at their undiluted hatred anymore. Life is not a cartoon, and there are consequences that we all will have to pay for their malice.

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