Thursday, December 29, 2005


If your Marxist/Marcusian supposition that inequality of outcome is the key barometer that determines the presence or absence of oppression; then this should throw a philosophical monkey wrench into your belief system:

Either: (1) Men are clearly being "oppressed" by the educational and social system--and not women; or (2) Marx and Marcuse were abysmally wrong; their theories have now been conclusively disproved; and you need to check or abandon your premises; or, (3) Both of the previous statements are true and you are totally out of luck.

OTOH, if all your posturing victimhood and irrational rage were simply rhetorical devices used to disguise your true agenda of world socialist domination, then you would seem to be succeeding.

** by "feminist", I am referring to the hysterical leftist branch of a movement that once stood for equal opportunity for women; and now stands for nothing (see here or here for a more thorough explanation of this point)

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