Sunday, December 04, 2005


Image hosted by Time for the weekly insanity udate, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). Calling all bloggers! Be sure to send in your entries to the Carnival, which will be posted every Sunday. Entries need to be in by 8 pm ET on Saturday to make their way into the list that week. Only one post entry weekly per blogger, please. Thanks for all the submissions. I will use as many as possible!
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1. Don't these guys have anything better to do?

2. A handy-dandy reference for the clueless. PLUS, Sun Tzu for beginners!

3. No good deed goes unpunished.

4. In case you were wondering what to get Maureen Dowd for Christmas. And just to show that I'm fair and balanced, go here to discover the ultimate present for a 9 year old boy!

5. Criswell Ethan predicts

6. Here's something you don't see everyday--a nurse with a gun!

7. OK, I admit it--I really despise this hypocrite. It is gratifying to know that even the Left doesn't like him anymore.... Now, if he will just STFU and go away, both sides of the political spectrum would be happy.

8. The fastest way to get the next available human...

9. Meet Sylvia, one of the 72 Virgins. Meet Chahrazad Belayni, currently fighting for her life after being set on fire for refusing a marriage proposal.

10. But, if they sit next to women, who knows what might happen? And it would even be worse if they sit next to other men! Men are just mindless animals, I guess.

11. The absolutely positively best reason to vote Republican in 2006. Folks, this is very scary.

12. Making a tidy little profit off of a soldier's death...isn't that nice? And here we have what she and her ilk really think of people in the U.S. Military. They are positively desperate for us to fail in Iraq.

13. And, while we're at it, this is what the Democratic Party thinks of the military (a projection, perhaps?). But according to knowledgeable military sources the Dem's perspective is simply "unmitigated crap." That's a kinder, gentler way of putting it than I would. But to be completely fair, once must admit that they would eventually try to connect the dots.

14. Frogs are the future of antibiotics? Isn't life amazing? (hat tip: Transterrestrial Musings)

15. It all comes down to who you are willing to believe. Professors or Cubans? The terrorists or the US military?

16.. God forbid that anyone should try to discredit communism!

17. No, really! This is a true story! And so is this extremely ironic one.

18. More evidence that Freud was right about phallic symbols....

19. Some speech is freer than others. Just try to put an "X" over Pelosi's face, for example--you'd never hear the end of it.

20. Live by the bomb, die by the bomb.

21. Text message Cliff Notes? Ken Burns' new documentary? What is the literary world coming to?

22. What the DNC talking points would look like if made into a zombie movie . (hat tip: Dr. Helen)

23. "Sounds of the Season"? And the pagans are protesting! But, as this blogger suggests, don't mess with God Almighty!

24. Instapundit makes his "kidnapped worker" policy absolutely clear. Personally, I'd rather work for him.

25. A case of mistaken identity.

26. Hey! Why can't I be nominated for one? Medicine, perhaps. Or peace. Or maybe physics (you don't have to know anything about physics, right?)

27. This meeting must have been sponsored by the UN.


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