Wednesday, December 21, 2005

That Special Quality That Defines Modern Journalism...

Ever wonder what it is? Well Varifrank knows! (hat tip: OBH)

My hat is off to the editorial staff of Time Magazine for their choice of ‘person of the year”. I spend hours and hours asking myself “ What is that “special quality” that so perfectly defines modern journalism? What is it that makes the people who make their living writing for such fine organizations like Time Magazine feel so comfortable with their chosen profession that while at bars, parties and high school reunions they feel perfectly comfortable to be able to say publicly and proudly “ why yes! I am indeed a journalist! And who might you be - lowly and pathetic subhuman of the class know to us as “subscriber”?

I often sit around and ponder the exact nature of the makeup of the modern journalist, but this year I need only look at the “2005 Time Magazine Person of the year” to get an answer. Inspired! Genius! A work of Art! This is what makes all the money that their parents spent sending them to Columbia Journalism School, the hours and hours spent faking homework assignments, the fingers bleeding from reading Chomsky and Fast. The hours and hours donated to the DNC to help further the cause of righteous leftist idealism, the days spent learning how to forge documents; this is where it all pays off, the choice for “Person of the year”. And what a choice it was.

Go and read it all, for it is inspired.

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