Sunday, December 18, 2005


Image hosted by Time for the weekly insanity udate, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). Calling all bloggers! Be sure to send in your entries to the Carnival, which will be posted every Sunday. Entries need to be in by 8 pm ET on Saturday to make their way into the list that week. Only one post entry weekly per blogger, please. Thanks for all the submissions. I use as many as possible!
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1. Trouble in a Communist paradise. Alert Hugo Chavez!

2. Yes, I can believe it.

3. Cell phones and terrorism. (hat tip: SC&A)

4. Now why would they do a thing like this? Usually they're totally preoccupied with corruption....

5. A foolproof nominee for this week's Carnival was recently observed leaving the solar system... (that happens a lot on Larry King!)

6. Behavioral patterns of the North American Tube Sock.

7. And this is newsworthy because....?? However, it might partly explain this.

8. Global warming from a Narnian perspective?

9. Mona Lisa: 83 percent happy, nine percent disgusted, six percent fearful and two percent angry.

10. Someone get this woman some help--quickly!

11. More proof that Nobel Prizes (in Literature and Peace, anyway) do not mean anything anymore, sadly. I expect this program will be nominated soon.

12. Congratulations to the Dhimmi winners! I don't understand why the lady in #10 wasn't nominated.

13. Judy Blume he wasn't. Dr. Seuss this isn't - I really like the "keep us safe" part (see #14)

14. Poor Zarqawi- with jihadis like these who needs enemies? But the MSM demonstrates once again which side they are on. Zarqawi should be proud of them, at least.

15. Waiting for just the right moment to actually have an idea!

16. This is clearly more of a national priority than any of these issues. Here's a good explanation of politics in a nutshell-- or how not to solve real problems.

17. If this new drug doesn't work, you can always try this one. (hat tip: Shrinkette)

18. The Iraqstreet Boys??

19. A mini-Carnival of Insanities for your reading pleasure!

20. WOW! There's a blog for everything ! Really!

21. The state of Idaho really likes this movie.

22. Definitely over the (lap)top !

23. Only in Academia! The oxymoron of the day: Participatory Dictatorship. Yeah, right. They dictate, you participate--or else.

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