Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Paranoid's Dream

Remember the scene in A Beautiful Mind when the friends of John Nash go into his office at work where he has been presumably working on complicated cryptographic theories? What they discover is a unbelievably jumbled disarray of thousands of articles on every square millimeter of the wall with arrows, theoretical connections and equation. It is a scene that makes the audience realize that Nash has been slowly transitioning from reality, into a world of nightmarish, bizarre, and paranoid connections of psychotic proportions.

That is exactly what the Wilson-Plame fiasco has degenerated into. It is a bottomless well of conjecture verging on projection and fantasy that no longer has any meaning or purpose (if it ever did). The more information we are given; and the more it is analyzed and dissected; the less any of it seems to makes sense.

It has evolved into a conspiracy theorist's fantasy and a paranoid's dream.

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