Saturday, December 31, 2005


Thespis Journal, which provides links, commentary, and news on all things political and theatrical, has their list of 2005's Top 10 Bloggers. Dr. Sanity is proud and honored to be listed at #3 , and in the company of the other very fine blogs on the roll.

Many thanks.

Meanwhile, The Anchoress has this to say:
I’ve decided that my personal must-read blog every day really is Dr. Sanity. This is not to put down any other blogger - a glance at my blogroll is more than indication that I have lots of blogs I call “favorite” and I mean it. If they’re in my blogroll, I read them and like them. Indeed, some of the blogs in my blogroll I WISH I could imitate! But Dr. Sanity is prolific without being overwhelming, and always interesting, in an odd and edgy way.

Odd? Edgy? I wonder where she got those ideas? I'm sure I don't know what she is talking about! This is what my friends say about can just imagine what some of my enemies say--and no, their remarks can't be reproduced here!

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