Friday, June 09, 2006


Captain Ed posted an important piece the other day that may have got lost in the news about Zarqawi's death (hat tip: The Anchoress). This news complements that about Zarqawi, and should be plastered all over the MSM (but is not).

Joseph Shahda has translated another key text from the archives of captured documents left untranslated by the Pentagon. In this case, Shahda appears to have struck gold: the memo describes not only the disposal of chemical-weapon materials but also where Iraq buried them. The memo dated September 15, 2002, comes from the General Relations group from one of Saddam's military/intelligence organizations, and describes in detail where the chemicals were hidden from UN inspectors (via Power Line)

These documents have generated little or no interest in the MSM. Investigative journalists have no enthusiasm for stories that don't fit their template of Iraq; and have the potential of putting their real enemy (i.e., Bush) in any sort of positive light.

Where have all the investigative reporters gone? {Long time passing?) Except for Claudia Rossett who stayed (and continues to stay) on the UN Oil-for-Food Scandal like white on rice; most of them are curiously uninterested in the kinds of issues that would seem to be very important to a large section of the country.

I'm still waiting for the intrepid reporter who will investigate the entire issue of John Kerry's discharge from the military (you probably don't realize that he never publicly released all his records--particularly those that might explain some curious discrepancies in the timeline of his discharge). Meanwhile, however, there is no shortage of MSM reporter coverage for the likes of Mary Mapes delusional claims about the TANG Memo.

Certain stories never seem to die; while others never see the light of day. Go figure.

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