Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Jeff Emmanuel seems surprised that so-called "human rights" groups are strangely silent about the brutal killings of two kidnapped American soldiers--as they have been silent about all the other atrocities committed by the terrorists in Iraq.

I am not at all surprised.

Judith Apt Klinghoffer wonders how it is that the champions of the Third World underdogs show so much interest in the death of two American soldiers but so little interest in the fate of Basra's elderly victims?
Indeed, it would be accurate to say that both MSM and the Human Rights community is involved in a major struggle to convince the world of the essential moral equivalence between democracies and terrorist organizations(tyrannies are presented as morally superior put upon "moderates.") They do so by focusing on the imagined or real transgressions of democracies and by covering up the purposeful viciousness of the terrorists.

She goes on further to say:
Furthermore, despite repeated proof of terrorists media manipulation, MSM reports their charges without the same caveats it routinely attaches to Israeli, British or American reports. Indeed, they take advantage of the careful pronouncement "we are investigating" democratic officials are forced to make to run with unproven charges. By the time the results of the investigation are revealed the damage is not only done but findings which fail to substantiate the early charges are either ignored, dismissed as cover ups or relegated to the back corner of page 25.

Convincing the world of the moral equivalence between democracies and terrorists is just one of the aims of the international elite represented by MSM and the self appointed Human Rights community. Persuading the international community that the war on terror is unwinnable is another. Note how elegantly the BBC achieves its dual aims by placing the bombing of the Basra old age home in the context of coalition forces ineffectiveness rather than in the context of terrorist depravity

These human rights groups are not particularly interested in human rights unless it happens to further their ideological agenda. The MSM has a parallel--if not identical--ideological agenda.

Michelle Malkin notes that at least one human rights group --Amnesty International-- has condemned the atrocities against the American soldiers. Wretchard, however, is far from impressed.

New Sisyphus reminds us that this is not the first time:
...Early on in the Afghan Campaign--you remember that one, the one that was an illegal war of mass punishment, doomed to failure due to the harsh Afghan winter, the one that would cause no less than 200,000 civilian casualties and set off a horrific famine, the one that was foretold would tie us down for years just as the Soviets were, the self-same war that the self-same critics now praise as a model of a "good" war they could support, unlike, sadly, the Iraq War--an American soldier was caught on a mountainside by a rush of Taliban fighters. A circling American helicopter filming the battle caught the moment.

Just prior to realizing that he was without escape, the American soldier turned to face the onrushing mob of Taliban and raised his hands. He was grabbed by the head and forced to his knees and a man with a knife cut his torso open from side to side. The American soldier, in full uniform, fighting in a declared war, having just surrendered, was executed on camera.

There were no thundering editorials in the New York Times decrying this violation of the most basic of the rules of war, nor sophisticated leaders in the Guardian worrying aloud what this latest violation of international human rights bode for the future of humanity.

This is how the world works: American soldiers are supposed to be brutally executed as a matter of course. A simple prisoner of war camp where men such as that that executed our soldier are treated to Muslim chaplains, three halal meals a day, an exercise yard and calls to prayer, however, is clearly illegal and a matter of grave international concern.

The pirated tape of the execution is available for download at any number of Muslim websites or, if you lack Internet access, as a video or DVD at any number of Muslim bazaars from Indonesia to London. Act now and we'll throw in the beheading of the Jew spy Daniel Pearl for half-price. No need to hide such things. They are sold openly. Actually, not very far from the Guardian's offices, which doesn't strike me as entirely coincidental. After all, speaking truth to power in the form of George W. Bush won't get you killed. Printing a cartoon or saying the wrong thing, however....

Just remember, that these human rights groups and the MSM are really talking without speaking. Their message is coming through loud and clear to some of us, but many are still hearing without listening.

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

This cacophonous silence must end; and we must stand up to all the enablers in the MSM and on the political left who continue to encourage and support these sadistic barbarians.

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