Thursday, June 22, 2006

Free Associations

I've been busy most of the day, so here are a few free associations:

Stefania has moved! Her invaluable blog that keeps up with the freedom movements from all around the world-- Free Thoughts --can now be found here.

The bloggers at Maggie's Farm are on a roll. Just keep scrolling down.

Chester speculates on the possible reasons why we are just now hearing about the 500 sarin and mustard gas chemical artillery rounds. Read it and learn. Also, I found this piece at StrategyPage quite interesting.

Meanwhile, ShrinkWrapped wonders if the lack of reporting on the WMD story " is an example of unconscious Confirmation Bias or a conscious decision to not report certain news that would inevitably bring into question some of the unquestioned assumptions of the left, recently repeated here, that "Bush lied" about Iraq's WMD."

The Anchoress notes the media's full court press on global warming; and The Corner notices that in spite of the headline, the NAS report actually debunks the famous "hockey stick" graph--on which much of the environmental fearmongering relies.

Last but not least, this article if for those who still haven't figured out the Islamist agenda.

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