Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Tony Blankley draws a parallel with the 1930's to analyze the current situation with Iraq and concludes thusly:
Just so, Gen. McCaffrey, representing the overwhelming view of government officials and major media in the West, first states the obvious: Iran will get the bomb. Then he ends with: So let's just do diplomacy.

In fact, Western leaders are resigned to Iran getting the bomb. The diplomacy is understood to be as pointless as getting Hitler to honor a disarmament treaty. But "leaders" have to be seen to be doing something -- even if they know it is futile.

This defeatist attitude exists largely because with the Iraq war as bad precedent -- just as WWI was a bad precedent for another war in 1933 -- military action has been placed, as an emotional response to unpleasantness, out of the question by a weary Western elite.

That is where we are today: about four-fifths down the mental path to appeasement. As unpleasant as dealing with Iran today is, it will be incomparably nastier in a few years when they have the bomb operational. Where are the cold-eyed realists when we need them?

For the most part, I agree with Blankley. I, too, am starting to wonder if the one cold-eyed realist--who seemed willing tackle the job and to face down the evil in our time--is going to even be able to respond to Iran in any way other than appeasement.

For the last 4+ years of his administration, President Bush has been bombarded with criticism and contradictory (and hysterical) demands (Work with the international community/Why are you working with the international community?); attacked at every level--both personal and political; and damned vociferously and bitterly whenever he does something or, alternatively, when he does nothing. During all those years, he has been in a "no-win" situation with regard to the media and the opposition party with its lunatic left. They have consistently and with malice aforethought deliberately chipped away at any possibility for further decisive confrontation with the evil of our times; and interestingly, in doing so have managed to deflect responsibility for even that treason onto Bush.

Both neo-neocon and Tigerhawk have both remarked that the forces of appeasement and anti-Americanism have been around for quite a while. They sought to prevent the US entry into WWII; and once in, never ceased undermining American efforts; or harping on the war's immorality. These forces gained their first "victory" in Vietnam; and the taste of that victory has gone a long way to emboldening them--in the Cold War; and now in the War on Terror. They appear to be willing to stop at nothing to ensure American defeat.

But this time, they have a little something extra going for them that they did not have before.

I suspect that even after a contentious 2000 election, Bush never imagined for one moment that he would be so completely abandoned by the opposition party during one of the greatest challenges ever imposed by historical forces upon the United States and liberty.

Why should he? Until the last 15 years or so, the underlying insanity of the left has been relatively dormant as they have quietly readied themselves under the cover of a Democrat president and the "end of history"; they patiently waited to make their next move in the international chessboard, wallowing in their victimhood--promoting it, even. Having slowly and almost effortlessly inserted the doctrines of political correctness and multiculturalism --two of the most obvious postmodern talking points of the left--into all aspects of the wider culture and its media, they awaited the perfect moment to unleash the awesome destructive power of their fully-armed and operational "death star" at America and its fundamental values.

They hoped that the perfect moment would be the election of Al Gore at the turn of the millennium; and when Bush upset their plans, and their ideological agenda was deflected, just as it seemed within reach-- their rage knew no bounds.

9/11 gave them an unexpected political opportunity to use the "death star" power after all; and use it they are, as they take aim and attempt to destroy one American icon after another; and in so doing to irreversibly undermine the history and values of this country -- all with the seemingly innocuous firepower of political correctness, multiculturalism, and leftist environmentalism.

Under attack from within, America creeps closer and closer to full, and unadulterated appeasement of the forces intent on destroying it.

Four-fifths? I would say nine-tenths.

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