Sunday, June 04, 2006


Ace has the roundup of lefty reaction to the massive terror roundup in Canada.

Why is anyone surprised that they have nothing to say?

Just the other day, I dissected out the incredible denial of one of those moonbat hangouts when they flatly stated that the whole point of the war on terror was to "sieze power and steal money"; and that the Bushies were "whipping up national fear and paranoia to a constant boil."

Further, this ass went on boldly to exclaim, "Take your terror and shove it!"

Now, wouldn't you like to have someone like that--a card-carrying member of the "reality-based" community--in charge of your homeland security?

When the people of the reality-biased community get back in control of things,we can all rest assured that Al Qaeda will finally be able to sleep peacefully in their caves at night.

UPDATE: Here's a fundamental difference between the left and the right position on the war on terror:
The left thinks it is unseemly that the right is "whooping it up" because a group of terrorists is caught in Canada before they could act on their terror plans. Meanwhile, the right kind of thinks it is unseemly that the left is overjoyed because Marines might have killed innocent civilians in Iraq.

I'll leave it for you to decide which of these positions is morally repulsive.

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