Monday, June 19, 2006


The family has been traveling all day and we are now in beautiful Traverse City in the northern part of the lower Michigan penninsula. I have a talk to give here tomorrow, so we decided to take a few days off and enjoy the beach.

Blogging will be a bit lighter than usual, but I will be posting if I find something worthwhile. For example, here are a few links that seemed very interesting to me:

- The economy is still going gangbusters, though the MSM and Democrats would rather be boiled in oil that to acknowledge that fact:
More than two years ago, when President Bush announced his aim to cut the federal budget deficit in half by 2009, many critics guffawed. They called the goal an impossibility, a naïve and futile effort that would be undermined by the fat-cat Republican tax cuts.
In that AP article, Sen. Kent Conrad, the top Democrat on the Senate Budget Committee, was quoted deriding Bush’s plan: “It’s like so much with this administration in respect to fiscal matters, it’s all spin, all the time.” Former Congressional Budget Office director Robert Reischauer called the proposal “fanciful.” To Democrats, the AP reported, Bush’s goal was simply “laughable.”

But the critics are no longer laughing. Driven by a surging national economy, tax revenues are increasing and the deficit is rapidly shrinking. The president’s deficit-reduction plan looks like it will not only succeed, but will do so years ahead of schedule.

-The Party of Retreat and Defeat is at it again:
As the fall elections approach, the Democrats have formally unveiled their platform for the war in Iraq: snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

At the very moment that documents captured from the Zarqawi death site indicate that Al Qaeda feels it is losing its war against the Iraqi future and has become so desperate that its only hope to prevail is by embroiling the U.S. in war with Iran; at the very moment Iraq’s democratically elected government is establishing itself as a functioning regime, and its increasingly capable military becomes more successfully engaged against the insurgents —at this critical moment for the future of Iraq and the Middle East, more than three quarters of the House Democrats have voted against a resolution to “complete the mission.”

For the first time in American history, a major political party wants America to run from a war we are winning.

Of course, they can are unable to see this fundamental truth, probably because they read the NY Times and other MSM news sources on a regular basis. John Murtha even cites Somalia as an example of a "good" US intervention (no, I am not making this up). The man has not simply "jumped the shark", he's fallen into the looney bin (right next to the shark tank).

-Did we need any further proof that Al Gore is a complete ass? Perhaps not, but I find this tidbit of information shines a spotlight on his character. And the view is not a pleasant one.

-Shadi Hamid wants muslims to "stop saying crazy things." Good luck with that. He might want to seriously consider the possibility that it is now far beyond the point where the sane and sensible muslims (i.e., those who are willing to live in peace with their neighbors as they quietly practice their religion) can rein in the insanity that has taken hold of their religion. As I noted in the previous post, the mass delusion and paranoia that afflicts Islam is spreading.

-Fausta notes how little it takes these days to get a faculty position at a major American university. I suspect that Yale is already positioning itself to offer Ahmadinejad a key professorship as soon as he steps down in Iran (I understand that he's just too busy to accept one now, as he's intent on bringing about the apocolypse first--but his resume looks good).

- Last but not least, Bill Whittle of Eject, Eject, Eject has some excerpts up of his new book An American Civilization--soon to be released.

That should keep you all busy for a while!

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