Friday, June 16, 2006


Here is some interesting information from StrategyPage that should definitely annoy those who are desperate to maintain the fiction that the death of al-Zarqawi has little or no impact on the Iraq war or on the overall war on terror:
Al Qaeda in Iraq has been virtually wiped out by the loss of an address book. The death of al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi was not as important as the capture of his address book and other planning documents in the wake of the June 7th bombing. U.S. troops are trained to quickly search for names and addresses when they stage a raid, pass that data on to a special intelligence cell, which then quickly sorts out which of the addresses should be raided immediately, before the enemy there can be warned that their identity has been compromised. More information is obtained in those raids, and that generates more raids. So far, the June 7th strike has led to over 500 more raids. There have been so many raids, that there are not enough U.S. troops to handle it, and over 30 percent of the raids have been carried by Iraqi troops or police, with no U.S. involvement. Nearly a thousand terrorist suspects have been killed or captured. The amount of information captured has overwhelmed intelligence organizations in Iraq, and more translators and analysts are assisting, via satellite link, from the United States and other locations.

Future Al-Qaeda Enabler Nursery Rhyme:

For want of a safe safehouse, Zarqawi was lost
For want of Zarqawi, the addres book was lost
For want of the address book, more safehouses were lost,
For want of a safehouse, al Qaeda was lost.
For want of al Qaeda, the jihad was lost.
For want of a jihad the caliphate was lost.
And all because of Zarqawi's address book!

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