Saturday, June 03, 2006


It occurs to me after reading this analysis, that what is needed is a completely separate media whose major task is to cover the MSM in the same manner in which the MSM covers events.

This "metamedia" would thus be tasked with exposing the [linguistic, factual, etc. ]atrocities continually committed by the members of the MSM in their recklessly biased and prejudicial pursuit of news. Reporters of the metamedia would hound the major outlets wherever they deploy; film them obtaining and/or setting up the news; mingling with and dealing with the enemy in Iraq and elsewhere.

Not only that, but the MSM would be analyzed on a daily basis in the op-ed pieces of the metamedia--their real motivations uncovered; their conflicts of interest; their ties to...well, whatever makes a good story.

I am not talking about an "alternative" media (e.g., Pajamas or Hot Air); in the metamedia, the MSM and their activities in the pursuit of news would be the only news 24/7.

Of course, we already have some of the infrastructure and talented personnel for this metamedia within the blogsphere (e.g., Cori Dauber, who performs an invaluable service already). But it needs to be organized into newspapers and 24 hour TV and radio programs. Think of the possibilities....

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? The metamedia!

UPDATE: Unbelievable.

UPDATE II: Guess which leaders are described today by the Washington Post as "energetic, "caring", and "prominent"?

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