Monday, June 05, 2006


Mental constipation can be defined as a blockage of solid ideological conviction through which reality is completely unable to pass.

We are seeing evidence of this affliction everywhere.

A case in point is the way the MSM is carefully tiptoeing around the fact that all those arrested in the Canada terror plots know...muslims? As Andy McCarthy notes,
Muslims? Plotting Terrorism? You Don't Say ...

Well, no, you most certainly don't say. Not if you're the New York Times and not if your one of its serial imitators in the MSM.

Why don't they say? Because they are victims of mental constipation that has plugged the rational thought processes lest something "insensitive" come out.

Or, how about this nice little piece of impacted crap from Oliver Willis ("like kryptonite to rationality"):
Glenn Reynolds, furthering the agenda of the hard-right yet again, takes pleasure in linking to this bit of “detective work” by Dan Riehl. According to Reynolds and Riehl, media coverage of possible bad acts by the American military is not receiving the same amount of coverage as a terrorist bust in Canada. Proving… well, what exactly? Here’s a guess - the New York Giants get a lot more coverage in America than the Toronto Maple Leafs. The right would like to tactily approve what apparently went down in Haditha by bullying the press into to not covering it - but the fact of the matter is - we don’t make any headway by pulling the same tired “not as bad as Saddam/Al Qaeda/Pol Pot” sliding scale of justice. That’s really not how America works nor is it in the spirit with which our nation was founded. “Be better” is the creed America should continue to stand by… even when the President is a Republican.(emphasis mine)

Now, where do you suppose he got the silly idea that human beings who happen to be American aren't just as capable of committing atrocities as human beings who happen to be any other nationality, race, religion etc? Where did he get the idea that somehow "justice" has been obstructed by America, when the entire affair is under investigation?

What separates America from the barbarians we are fighting is precisely that we believe in the rule of law and that such behavior when it occurs is vile--whether done by a few soldiers wearing American uniforms; or religious fanatics carrying a Koran. The Haditha issue is simply one more example of human depravity in the world. But clearly, it is not depravity sanctioned or encouraged by the American military; the American President; or the American public (either right or left) contrary to the imaginings of the constipated Willis.

Yet there is a depravity that is sanctioned and encouraged by many middle eastern governments and groups--belonging to one religion in particular; but the reality of this simple fact is not able to get through the mass of sensitive, compassionate, anti-American socialist crap that is solidly impacted within the caverns of a mind like Willis'. It is automatically all America's fault to the mentally constipated.

Not only is American justice better than Saddam/Al Qaeda/Pol Pot etc. etc. --it is light years superior to those regimes. Why? Because American values at every level clearly do not support what might have gone down in Haditha. Justice will be done--for both the victims and the accused. And we as Americans [should] consider them innocent until proven guilty.

That, my dear Willis, is how America works and is the spirit with which our nation was founded.

The assumption of "innocent until accused"; or "automatically guilty if American" is a standard by-product of mental constipation--the rather pungent gas, if you will, that is involuntarily and continually emitted by individuals suffering from the disorder.

The slaughter of innocents is NOT --and never has been--sanctioned as a matter of US policy , no matter how hard the mentally blocked left tries to convice themselves it is. It is that mental constipation again. The blockage keeps the hard left from being able to have a normal bowel movement rational thought about America (yet they always give the enemy the benefit of the doubt) because it might interfere with their anit-American; anti-Bush; anti-military anal retentive ideology.

Now, one of my jobs as a psychiatrist is to dig out and bore into the site of the impaction in order to try to clear up the mental plumbing. Only by doing this dirty, and often thankless job, can the rush of reality and truth through the system be restored. But this sort of ideological blockage frequently causes the ego of the sufferer to bloat with self-righteous virtue; while creating the stink of paranoia to issue forth from the mouth; and the massive obstruction frequently re-forms quickly in a sort of self-perpetuating chronic affliction.

It is the old GIGO phenomenon. The left needs to work on changing its unhealthy diet of old, smelly garbage ideas; and begin to metabolize the high fiber of reality if they want to prevent recurrence.

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