Tuesday, June 20, 2006


If you want to understand the psychological consequences of political correctness and how they distract, impede, and prevent us from being able to defeat Islamofascism, then you should read Diane West's latest column, "It's An Islamic Jihad, Stupid":
This mindset may explain why the United States exhausts itself trying to disclaim a connection between Islam and jihad, opening Islamic centers on U.S. military bases (most recently at Quantico at the behest of a Wahhabi-educated cleric). Thus, as Paul Sperry writes at frontpagemag.com, "facilitating the study of the holy texts the enemy uses, heretically or not, as their manual of war"; treating those same holy texts reverentially by military order at Guantanamo Bay; and even sending in the Marines to donate prayer rugs to an Iraqi mosque.

Such tactics suggest we no longer seek a military triumph over Islamic jihad -- if we ever did. Had we prosecuted such a war, it would be over by now. The president would have directed the military to eradicate, freeze or neutralize jihadi threats where they exist, from Iran to Syria, from Gaza to Fallujah. Concurrently, we would have closed our own borders as a post-Sept. 11 security precaution, and implemented an immigration policy designed to avoid repeating the European example of Islamization through massive Muslim immigration or, as some are calling it, "reverse colonization."

But no. Such a war on terror long ago gave way to the Struggle to Make Everyone Think We're Swell. In this no-win fight, we must watch what we say -- as when the government "distances" itself from an official's frank characterization of three suicides at Guantanamo Bay as a jihadi "PR stunt." And we must watch what we do -- as when we repeatedly send our military on dangerous house-to-house missions with restrictive rules of engagement rather than using air power. In a war in which an interrogation could save a city, we rewrite our interrogation rules to make sure that it won't. "If this debate were limited to what's best for interrogation purposes, the decision (about whether to soften interrogation techniques) would be pretty easy," a senior Defense Department official told The New York Times. "But then you have to look at what we lose diplomatically.'"

The enemy has no need to waste their time on psyops directed against us--they can always count on those who run the MSM and Democratic Party stars like Murtha and Kerry to spread their message of doom and gloom and hopelessness.

The facts of the matter are unimportant. Failure is the only option the Democratic stars can envision that will improve their politial capital.

A politically correct cancer has been slowly eating away at our society for several decades now, and the left side of the patient is already paralyzed and dysfunctional because of it.

Let us either wage a real war and fight to win; or come slinking home, tail between our legs, and abandon all we stand for--just as Democrats desperately desire. If they really cared for the troops; if they really understood the motivation of those who enlist and reenlist to server their country; if they really wanted to support them--they would do everything in their power to WIN--not surrender. Our military is not made up of poor helpless, drafted children, who must be protected by Democrats from being put in harm's way; or from any risk when they defend our country. Their service is THEIR CHOICE. And by and large, they are the best professionals in the world and excellent at what they do. Let them do it. Let them take the risks (which they are well aware of) and honor them for their courage and sacrifice. They do not deserve the shame and dishonor heaped upon them by Sheehan and other disgruntled family members--who always seem to be spotlighted by 21st century "Tokyo Rose" news media.

Let us treat the enemy as the enemy--not as our dear friends and colleagues who should enjoy the benefits and perks of our free society-- and accord them only the rights and priveleges due within the absolute letter of the law--and not one iota more. If they desire the protection of the Geneva Convention, then let the enemy sign the treaty. Otherwise, no quarter. We owe them nothing--especially not Korans and certainly no respect for their beliefs.

Let us stop being suicidally politically correct; let us call a spade a spade; a terrorist, a jihadist; let us, in other words, fight a goddamn war, and stop pussyfooting around trying to please those who will never be pleased; and who both secretly (and not so secretly) desire our failure anyway.

Think we will hear any outrage expressed about this? No, the defeatists and all the don't-question-their-patriotism patriots will just use it as yet another justification to surrender. How quaint.

This is not a game of make-believe and their partisan maneuvering--which enables and encourages the enemy--is as deadly as a dozen IED attacks.

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