Monday, January 02, 2006


AJ Strata has an excellent idea:

A while ago someone suggested a way for ‘We The People’ to fight back as these treasonous liberals expose us to attack. The idea was to bring a class action law suit against the media outlets who recklessly expose our defense mechanisms to our enemies.

We don’t need to win, as much as get millions and millions of people signing up against the New York Times, Washington Post, the reporters themselves. In my opinion these companies are impairing my civil rights by exposing me and my familiy to terrorist acts. I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the partisan actions of these leakers is putting all of this at risk.

These are not whistleblowers, they never show a single instance of wrong doing - just theories and conjecture. Their motivations are purely partisan politics.

I don't know about you, but I am getting tired of this kind of political BS compromising our war effort on every front.

Why not file a lawsuit and petition for class action status? God knows there are plenty of people out there who file lawsuits for practically no reason whatsoever. What about Mr. Newdow who filed a lawsuit because his daughter had to "suffer" through saying the Pledge of Allegiance with its oppressive references to God? This national security situation is far more serious and potentially dangerous to my child's life and pursuit of happiness than that triviality.

The wanton and deliberate leaking of this intelligence program not only puts those in classified postions out in the field at risk, but it also seriously impacts my own family's safety. If there are issues in the program that are controversial from a legal standpoint, then I expect Congress and the President to deal with them discretely--particularly during a time of war.

The fact that there are people in Congress who want to use this as a weapon against the Commander in Chief and for their own partisan gain-- rather than to defeat our enemies-- tells me that they do not deserve my respect, my confidence nor my vote.

I can't vote against the NY Times and its editors (I already cancelled my subscription a long time ago); but I think a lawsuit against them would be entirely appropriate and appeal to a lot of people like me, who are totally outraged at the unbelievable attitude of our national media toward the nation's security. They are putting my family in danger, and they don't care.

Why not file a lawsuit and petition for class action status? Why not demand that they cease and desist this behavior?

Any good lawyers out there?

UPDATE: The Anchoress agrees and has some further thoughts.

UPDATE II: Isn't this interesting. Many of us seem to have reached the limits of patience with the MSM all at the same time. ShrinkWrapped discusses "bear baiting". Must have been a bunch of New Year's Resolutions.

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