Monday, January 09, 2006

Taking On Radical Professors

The Alumni of my alma mater have decided to take on the radical professors. Good for them.

I usually routinely donate to UCLA every year. Last year, however, I did not for some of the reasons articulated at the site above. I am concerned that it is not much better at most other academic institutions either.

As easy as it is to lampoon academic clowns like Ward Churchill, they are all too common these days in our universities. And they are absolutely ruthless about their agenda and in bringing young minds to their causes. While our nation fights for freedom and democracy, these third-rate teachers and second-rate human beings are engaging in intellectual harassment at institutions that once were beacons of intellectual freedom and a realm where ideas were discussed and debated--not forced down the throats of students.

Hiding behind the old concept of "academic freedom", these professors have created a multicultural, politically correct utopia where their crack-brained ideas are worshipped and revered and never questioned. Any who question them are automatically labeled as "racist" or "sexist" or "zionist". Instead of research, they perform indoctrination rituals.

It is far past time that we begin to take back the academy and restore it as a center of learning and debate, rather than a quasi-religious temple of PC.

As a former Bruin, I found myself half-hoping that UCLA's crosstown arch-rival USC might actually win in the Rose Bowl! Not because USC is likely any less politically correct, but because the idea of a a headline like: BUSH WINS ROSE BOWL FOR USC appealed to my sense of humor (after all, he gets blamed for everything anyway). But I came to my senses just in time to root for Texas.

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