Friday, January 06, 2006


I have been a member of the Watcher's Council for about a year now, and I enjoy it very much. Today the Watcher emailed me congratulations about winning 2nd Place in the WOW (Watcher of Weasels) Awards!
Looking back at the Watcher's Council weekly voting results for all of 2005, the Watcher has kept a running tally of votes for each blog that won or tied for first place on any given week.

The top three vote-getters on the Watcher's Council are:

32 1/3 votes: Right Wing Nut House
27 2/3 votes: Dr. Sanity
25 2/3 votes: Gates of Vienna

The top vote-getters in the Non-Council posts are:

10 2/3 votes: Winds of Change
9 2/3 votes: Varifrank
7 2/3 votes: New Sisyphus

I am extremely pleased at the honor of winning 2nd place among all these fine blogs. Kudos and congratulations are certainly also due to Rick Moran at RightwingNuthouse and Dymphna at Gates of Vienna.

As hard as it is to get votes when you are a member of the Council--since all the members have outstanding blogs-- it is much harder to accumulate points in the non-Council category, since nominations for that award come in from all over the blogsphere. That is a testimonial to the outstanding quality of the top three blogs listed in non-Council group!

Congratulations to all the vigilant watchers of weasels--on the Council and off ! And a Happy New Year!

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