Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Via Transterrestrial Musings, I came across this future release from the Bleurters News Service, courtesy of Atlanta Rofters:

The D.C. Islamic Eternal Justice Endeavor against War and Stereotyping (DIEJEWS) yesterday issued a strongly worded statement condemning a rising backlash against Muslims following next month's nuclear bombing of Tel Aviv, Israel by Iran. The press release warned against an increase in anti-Muslim discrimination, hate crimes, and government harassment following the destruction of the unofficial Israeli capital city next month, as announced by the Iranian government.

"We call on all Americans of goodwill to hold fast to our traditional American values of tolerance and diversity," the statement said in part. "No justification is possible for the heightened tensions and increased suspicions against innocent Muslims following next month's tragic events.

Someday the victimhood scam being run by CAIR and all the other apologists for Islam will be recognized even by the dimmist (dhimmist?) bulbs in the American lamp--i.e., most of the Left who thrive on the cult of victimhood and who believe in the holy myth of the "return of the 12th victim".

When the 12th victim returns, the once and future victims of the world will throw off the shackles of their eternal oppression and, through jihad, bring about the longed-for Marxist revolution of the proletariat and install a glorious socialist caliphate.

Or something like that....

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