Monday, January 09, 2006


Free Thoughts has an exclusive:

The Video of Fabrizio Quattrocchi minutes before being executed by the Islamo-fascist terrorists in Iraq. You can hear him, in Italian, saying "Vi faccio vedere come muore un italiano. Mi posso levare questo.." ( I am gonna show you how an Italian dies . May I take out this kefyiah?) See the video here ( It's only a part of the video whose distribution has been authorized by an Italian court ). Al Jazeera had refused to air it, because of the heroism shown by Quattrocchi till the last minutes of his life. Now the civilized people can see and hear his words. Feel free to post it or let other people know
This is the kind of thing that our own MSM doesn't want us to see (though this portion is not at all gory, demonstrating as it does the quiet heroism of someone who knows he is about to be murdered)--along with the images that I have in my sidebar of 9/11. They think nothing of printing or airing over and over again the images of Abu Ghraib in which a few deviant military personnel who have already been subjected to American justice are featured; but a video that shows the atrocities of the enemy we face is deemed too disturbing for our sensitive souls.

It is disturbing to know that only actions that portray the U.S. in a negative light are newsworthy.

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