Thursday, January 12, 2006

Something Special

I hate to put too much credence in this article (hat tip: Ace), but if true all sorts of interesting and relatively lethal scenarios just pop into mind....

North Korean leader Kim Jong II has disappeared in China. His luxurious special train which reportedly crossed the border into China Tuesday morning at Dandong was nowhere to be found Wednesday.

'We really would like to know where he is, but we simply don't have a clue,' said a South Korean military attache, who added he felt he was left in the lurch by his own intelligence services.

Although the train was seen travelling in the direction of Beijing by officials at two railway stations, Kim did not show up in the Chinese capital, sparking a torrent of speculation.

Last time the dear leader was in China there apparently was a major attempt on his life. If we are lucky, this is breaking news that a more recent one was more successful.

Gee, the possibility of dear leader's demise; combined with this homicidal maniac's purported death --- all in the same week!

I am hoping that something special has happened to both of these wonderful human beings to bring them closer to their respective gods.

UPDATE: The Astute Blogger is all over this mystery. Go check out his site!

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