Saturday, January 07, 2006


Out of the mouths of...teenagers:

Having refreshed our memories, Buster confided his theory to me, inspired by both his teacher’s sense of wonder in reading about the Bush environmental initiatives, and the memory of Stewart’s admission: “I think,” he said, “they hate Bush so much, because they saw that he had greatness in him, and he wasn’t supposed to be great. He was supposed to be, at best, slightly worse than his father.”

Read what led to this astounding (and right on) observation by The Anchoress' young son.

Someone said once that envy is "that passion which views with malignant dislike the superiority of those who are really entitled to all the superiority they possess." (I think it was Kant).

The Left simply cannot cope with the envy and resentment they feel towards the fact that historical circumstance and Bush's own personality have combined to thrust him into greatness. As The Anchoress put it:

If this were to keep up, he was actually going to have a LEGACY. A real one, and - if his ideas were successful -a staggering one.

It is indeed the case that Bush's actions have made a significant and positive difference for millions of people in the world--just as Reagan's did. And Reagan elicited much of the same hatred from the Left.

In most cases of envy, the envious find a moral complaint with which to justify their malignant feelings toward their opponent. In psychological studies that I have read, feelings of envy were often correlated with complaints of injustice-- and were thought to be rationalizations of the rancor that was being experienced.

How sad that these people are eating themselves up inside because someone who "wasn't supposed to be great" has really changed the course of human history, and pointed it in the direction of Freedom and Democracy.

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