Friday, January 06, 2006


Taking the "equality of outcome" and "all cultures are equally good" politically correct insanity to its logical extreme, some gay rights groups in Britain are attacking a gay magazine for daring to call Islam a "barmy religion" because of their homophobic practices and persecution of gays.

Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities has written those groups a friendly, brotherly letter in a post, "I Lost My Head over Islam" --and he's a little upset:

While you queens have been frauleining about gay marriage, homos under barmy Islam have been crushed, hung, stoned, & beheaded. I notice that 60% of British Muslims want Shariah law. Have you seen their birthrate compared to non-Muslim Brits? Maybe GLHA should start running more timely articles like Scaffold-Proof Hair Mousse & Fabulous Accessories from Neck to Toe!

Go and read it all, because Jeff is absolutely at his sarcastic and witty best on thisbizarrely suicidal behavior by those who presumably support gay rights.

And while you are at it, check out New Sisyphus , who has a fascinating post about how a mass murderer in 1989 was turned into a parable about Western man's horrific violence against women, by the ideologues of the time; when, in fact, the killer turns out to be a poster boy depicting the pervasive misogyny of Islam.

These two examples will quite naturally make a reasonable person wonder what in the world could possibly possess the gay rights and women's movements to vociferously defend a religion that behaves in such a...barbaric medieval... fashion towards the members of their respective groups.

If you have enough intelligence to ask such a question, then it follows that you haven't yet been totally indoctrinated by our marvelous educational system into the Marxist political view of the world; where there exist only two real classes of people: "Oppressors" and "The Oppressed"--the latter commonly referred to as that holy of holies, a "victim."

In this worldview--which happens to conveniently trump logic, reason, and even basic human self-preservation--Islam the Religion has been granted a "You Are A Victim of Western Oppression" card, and they get an eternal victimhood free pass on all atrocities they commit--which are likely to be Bush's fault in any case.

For questions on this, you may consult this handy guide which will make things clear.

Just two examples of the eternal victimhood of the Leftist mind.

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