Thursday, January 12, 2006


In discussing the story of the Marsh Arabs in Iraq, The Anchoress expresses clearly what I think will be Bush's legacy:

This story, in the end, is the story of how one man standing alone in the face of unprecedented world-wide opposition, in the face of organized “marches” throughout the world and condemnation from global “diplomatic” entities, in the face of journalistic distortion such as has not been seen in our lifetimes, did something no one else had the physical, spiritual and political nerve to do. Even when things did not go perfectly, even when intelligence by the “experts” was revealed to be in error, even when the open scorn of the opposition devolved into outright hate, overriding their sensibilitie, one man stood, and kept his nerve. Had that one man backed down, none of this would have happened. It is an astonishing story.

I cannot imagine how anyone who is thinking clearly, who is not mad with hate, could wish this endeavor anything but success. What sort of heart will walk away from this, stomping the feet in dismay? What sort of spirit can see this and shriek? And how sad for those who pray for failure.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again here; the psychological resiliance of George W. Bush simply astonishes me. I know of very few people--myself included--who would not have been broken and defeated when confronted with an unrelenting onslaught of emnity of such incalculable proportions--and it began even before his election in 2000.

That he has continued to persevere in his goals of protecting American and bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East is truly remarkable.

And then there are the cute little sadistic patriots like the author of this precious screed.

What planet has Holzman been living on for the last 6 years? Planet Ann Arbor has had "Impeach Bush" signs in the yards for the last four years or so. I know because I drive by dozens every day.

Holzman must be channeling Dennis the Peasant (not the blogger, but the character of Monty Python fame) as she insinuates that she and others of her venomous species have been "oppressed" and only able to "whisper" such matters of serious import to the nation during the reign of the evil BushHitler.

That's right, folks, it has been a "whisper" so loud and cacophanous; so angy and bitter; so incessant and whining--that its simply a wonder that anyone could possibly have heard it until very recently!

Only someone mad with hate could possibly be delusional enough to imagine that the hatred that oozes from every pore of their being--and which has been focused like a laser beam on the one man who did what noone else had the physical, moral and political courage to do--has gone unnoticed.

Yet sadly, what has gone unnoticed by Holzman and others is the incredible magnitude of the good that has been accomplished by the object of their mindless rage.

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