Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Touch and Go !

It's time for Dr. Sanity to practice a few touch and go's around the mental health blogsphere--or "psychosphere" if you prefer! Here are some of the things my fellow mental health professionals are blogging about:

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred goes to a meeting at the university and discovers a brief and rare moment of reality on campus. This, in turn cause him to reflect on 9/11 and other thoughts.

Spy vs. Spy and Monday morning quarterbacking are Neo's topics at neo-neocon; while Dr. Helen is looking for a few good men to stand up and talk about the postive aspects of marriage amidst all the current male reluctance to marry.

Religious tolerance and the tolerance of religion are taken on by ShrinkWrapped. Over at Shrinkette's blog, she discusses the Oregon suicide assistance law by telling a story of her own experience with the Hemlock Society.....

Assistant Village Idiot is currently concerned with building better brains.

GM reminds John Kerry about his pledge one year ago to release all his military records. Kerry has released them all right, just not to the public.

Gagdad Bob at One Cosmos goes inside "patient zero in the pandemic of Bush Derangement Syndrome" and conducts a fantasy analysis.

Be sure to check out all the fine psychological insight available at these blogs!

UPDATE: I am alerted to a new psychblog called psych pundit, who sent a long a post on the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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