Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Charles Krauthammer on Fox News Sunday (quoted by Rich Lowry at The Corner) about all the "scandals" involving the war on terror:

There's a great irony here. Everybody has been asking of themselves for the last four years why haven't we had a second attack, which everybody expected within weeks or months, certainly years. It didn't happen.

And we knew about the external story. The war in Afghanistan obviously had an effect on Al Qaida. The war in Iraq has diverted terrorists and jihadists into Iraq as opposed to attacking America.

But what we've heard over the last six months with these revelations, these so-called scandals, of the secret prisons where high-level Al Qaida have been held, the coercive interrogation which is under attack in the McCain amendment, and now the NSA eavesdropping -- we have the untold story which the administration could not tell. It knew why we had been protected.

All these defensive measures of gathering intelligence -- we were always weak on human intelligence, and that's why we had 9/11. And we don't have good spies inside Al Qaida. But we had a means, technological, in the NSA eavesdropping, and also other means in capturing these terrorists, of getting information.

It's worked. It's held us safe. And that's why I think in the end the president's going to win the whole argument on presidential power.

Think about this for a while. Think about the lust for political power that has no bounds and doesn't care about your family's safety--only about satisfying their own egos; and venting their hatred for a president doing his job.

Can you possibly imagine the hysteria and rage if we had been attacked in this country again? Do you think that the calls for impeachment would have been blocked because President Bush had so much respect for Congress and the Democrats, that he basically decided to do nothing to upset them for the last four years?

No. Like you, I imagine that such calls would be just as loud and just as hysterical and completely unwarranted (pun intended). There is no sating the lust and hatred in these people. Nothing Bush does is right. Nothing he doesn't do is right. Everything and everyone connected to him is considered evil.

I cannot escape making a diagnosis any longer. I have tried to give the Democratic Party and most of the Left the benefit of the doubt. But you see, the entire world revolves around their feelings; their outrage; their agenda. This is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder with both antisocial and suicidal elements.

As far as they are concerned, America can go to hell if they are not in control. In fact they desperately desire that it do so.

At the beginning of 2006, with the U.S. economy booming along; Iraq on the verge of a magnificent democratic breakthrough in unifying its disparate elements; the world a much more free and democratic place; no attacks on the U.S. homeland since 9/11--what we have exposed in its most naked and essential form in the Democrats and the Left in this country, is an unparalleled nihilism and mindless destructiveness that cares only for political power.

One person alone can take credit for the economy, Iraq and the spread of freedom and democracy; and instead of receiving credit or even a grudging thanks, the animosity and rage just continues to pile up in these very very mentally disturbed people.

Give it a break, will you? Go put your heads in some ice water and cool down. Think what you are doing. If you know what you are doing and don't care, then you can go to hell. And if you haven't thought about the consequences of your behavior and speech, then STFU.

If you can't give it a rest, then go live somewhere else--preferably where your brand of shar'ia and intolerance is perfectably acceptable. Because I won't tolerate the intolerable anymore. Because I love this country too much to see it destroyed. Because it is YOU who are set on its destruction, not the President; not Republicans; not the average American. America's freedom is indeed under attack--just not from the President of the U.S. or his administration. And the people within this country who are attacking it have perfected a form of self-delusion that is rampant in narcissistic personalities.

Stop lying to yourselves that you are patriots. You don't know the meaning of the word.

Stop pretending that you care about people. Your actions are causing hope in our enemy and death to people in our military services; and if there is an attack in the next year then I along with millions of Americans will lay the responsibility at YOUR door.

Stop acting like you believe in "multiculturalism". You hate this culture and would do anything in your power to destroy it.

Stop saying you support the poor and oppressed. You care for neither and do nothing to relieve their suffering--only to make yourselves feel superior and compassionate.

Stop mouthing the words of love and compassion. You have neither. You are filled with hate and vitriol, and you spare no effort to demonstrate it daily.

Cease your prattling about "free speech" when you only believe that YOUR speech is free and trumps anyone else's. Or that YOUR "fundamental rights" are more important than anyone else's.

Paul at Power Line had a recent post where he quoted Irving Kristol:

Response to my "Forever Young" post has been quite favorable, but several readers have suggested that I'm too dismissive of the danger posed by those who have neither learned nor forgotten anything since 1974, and their disciples. The criticism reminds me of this quotation from Irving Kristol that appeared in Roger Kimball's recent piece, "After the Suicide of the West":
[S]ector after sector of American life has been ruthlessly corrupted by the liberal ethos. It is an ethos that aims simultaneously at political and social collectivism on the one hand, and moral anarchy on the other. It cannot win, but it can make us all losers.

I take the point. It's difficult to defeat those who are out to destroy us when an influential political and cultural bloc sees those Americans who stand against political and social collectivsim and moral anarchy as the greatest threat to our country.

Those of us who stand against political and social collectivism and moral anarchy would do well to realize that we will never be able to win by being "nice". We have tried to negotiate; we have bent over backwards to understand and be tolerant. We have even tried to be politically correct and respect all cultures. Some of those cultures still want to kill us.

Some people in our own culture don't care if they do and hope for the worse.

Being nice and conciliatory does not work against the narcissistic nihilism we are facing both at home and with the Islamofascist thugs. This type tactic backfires badly. This tactic give the narcissists and the enemy --including the one here at home--ammunition to deconstruct the truth and distort the reality.

And deconstructing the truth and distorting reality is what they do best.

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